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Tapas Restaurant

Coque, Madrid, Spain

Coque, Madrid, Spain

Coque (coal in Spanish) is a very expensive (340€) 2 Michelin star restaurant in Madrid Spain. There are five total Two star spots in this great city. (Available 160€ optional wine pairing)

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Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

The must go to food market in Madrid!

Everyone goes to popular Mercado de San Miguel. Our last visit was about 5 years ago and it has definitely improved since. Each stall specializes in one category, so there is no overlap or competition with other stalls. Paella, Jamon, Olives, Fruits, Tapas, Pastries, Wine, Empanadas and more are all represented. Prices are higher than outside eateries, but do come hungry when you visit.

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Bellota, San Francisco

Bellota San Francisco exterior decor

Great Spanish Seafood. Why did we dine here? – Bellota (Acorn in Spanish), a new Spanish restaurant, is part of The Absinthe Group. This is a beautiful restaurant in the building that houses Air BnB. Be sure to visit the bathroom, you will see the impressive atrium.  We have eaten both lunch and dinner here.

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Arzak Review, San Sebastian, Spain

Arzak San Sebastian Exterior decor

Some call this place the Best in the world! San Sebastian is teeming with Michelin Stars, some of the higher number in one area.  We chose two 3 star restaurants for our trip, Arzak and Martín Berasategui. This was primarily driven from research and recommendations from others.  Mugaritz was one 3 star restaurant that many people discouraged us from dining at.

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Martín Berasategui Review, San Sebastian, Spain

Martin Berasategui San Sebastian exterior decor

One of the Best Meals We’ve ever had! In Lasarte-Oria(Gipuzkoa) about 15 minutes from foodie heaven San Sebastian, Spain, Martín Berasategui has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2001. Most people think about Arzak or Mugaritz, but you need to dine HERE! The chef holds eight stars in total, more than any other Spanish chef with many restaurants around the world.  He has 3 stars at this restaurant, 3 stars in Barcelona at Restaurante Lasarte, and 2 stars in the Canary Islands.

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Xiringuito Escriba, Barcelona – Beachfront Paella

Escriba Barcelona Exterior decor

Xiringuito Escriba is a beachfront paella restaurant that several people recommended to us. The Yelp reviews are not good, so we were worried. To its credit, the restaurant was pretty full by 8pm, while others nearby where not. The posted hours show that it opens at 7pm, but we found people eating there before this. (No doubt foreigners like us!) Any restaurant that has such a good view is always red flagged by us.

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Mercado de Santa Caterina, Barcelona

Where the locals go in Barcelona!

Mercado de Santa Caterina is a food market in Central Barcelona where mostly locals go to do their everyday shopping.

The market is not very large and focuses on locals. There is not a lot of ready to eat food or Restaurants, unlike the other main market.  After walking around, we found it very different than La Boqueria of Barcelona.  Not very crowded which allowed for more interaction especially with Jamon sellers.

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La Boqueria, Barcelona

The must go to food market in Barcelona!

La Boqueria is the food market in Central Barcelona, right off the touristy Las Ramblas boulevard. This is a must visit spot for all folks vacationing here. Prices of course are not cheap.

The locals have slowly been pushed away. Santa Caterina’s Market in Barcelona is much more focused on the locals.

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Mercado laBretxa, San Sebastian

Where the locals go in San Sebastian!

Mercado laBretxa, San Sebastian is a food market in the old town of San Sebastian where mostly locals go to do their everyday shopping.

The market is not very large and focuses on locals. There is not a lot of ready to eat food or Restaurants, unlike the other main market.

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