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Araxi Restaurant + Bar

4222 Village Gate Square

Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

(604) 932-4540

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Araxi Restaurant + Bar is a popular restaurant in Whistler’s village. They focus on British Columbia cuisine with lots of seafood. Executive Chef James Walt celebrates carefully sourced local ingredients including the freshest seafood. This restaurant is renowned to be the top spot in Whistler. Araxi has 3 well regarded restaurants in Vancouver.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada Interior decor

Decor, Vibe – Araxi has elegant interior decor with soft hues and many original works of art. Loud, dynamic atmosphere with a separate bar area and patio dining for the summer. Dining room was filled with well heeled tourists and locals.

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Araxi Menu has a variety of small plates, raw shellfish options, and large plates. Everything from seafood to steaks.

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Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada seafood tower

Two Tier Seafood Tower ($85) oysters, spot prawns, seared albacore tuna, dungeness crab and avocado roll, salmon sashimi, fresh ginger and horseradish is the ultimate way to start dinner, albeit expensively. The British Columbia small oysters in particular were awesome as was the seared ahi. This is a great dish to taste what the Pacific Northwest is all about.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada beet salad

Roasted North Arm Beets ($18.50) Vancouver Island buffalo mozzarella, truffle vinaigrette and truffle sand, baby sorrel, artisan lettuce and beet chips have very fresh ingredients and an excellent and smooth cheese.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada Arctic char

Northern Arctic Char ($29.50) pan-seared with a white miso and sesame vinaigrette, crisp rice roll and sauteed BC bok choy had a nice crispy crust and was excellent and cooked perfectly.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada halibut

BC Line Caught Halibut ($36.50) arugula and fresh herb crust, light minestrone broth Vancouver Island clams and grilled fennel was very good but had no crust. The meat was very moist and fresh.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada scallops

Qualicum Bay Scallops ($33.50) seared with curry salt, cured chorizo sausage and sunchoke puree, whole Canadian mustard seed dressing and frisee leaves was a solid dish, much better scallops than our previous day at Umberto. The scallops were smaller and had more flavor, while the toppings added contrast to the subtle internal flavor.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada venison

Venison ($36.50) glazed parsnips, potato and aged cheddar terrine, roasted chestnuts watercress and apple garnish was cooked to a nice medium rare and featured some very tender local meats. No gaminess. Chestnuts added some interesting extra texture.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada Apple cheesecake

Caramelized Apple Cheesecake ($12.50) mascarpone cheesecake with vanilla-fennel syrup,hazelnut streusel and chantilly cream was very delicious and more of the cake and the traditional cheesecake.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada creme brulee

Earl Grey + Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee ($12.50) toasted almond shortbread with dulce de leche had an excellent caramelized top with lots of creamy goodness inside.

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada Sorbet

House Churned Sorbet ($12.50) Two scoops of freshly made lemon sorbet and was slightly tart and sweet.


Mojito ($10.50) was filled with crushed ice and did not have very good flavor.

Araxi had very good service in the beginning which started to fade as the room got full. They should add additional servers. The food here is excellent, making this an easy recommendation if you’re up at Whistler. High quality food like this is rare at touristy resorts.
Extensive award-winning 44 page wine list with glasses from $9.50, bottles from $29.

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Araxi Restaurant + Bar Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Daily 5 - 11pm
Prices:$26.50 - $54.50

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