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The site was created by folks nuts about food! We help those looking for great restaurants, especially ones in our home base, the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to find the best food, not review every place under the sun. Our friends and family had kept asking us where to eat, so we decided to build this website for them and foodies at large. We have also built the site to remember what we ate in the past, and to avoid the bad dishes.

We have over a 100 years of experience eating! We have been ripped off, treated poorly, but have also experienced some great meals. Follow us as we dine at restaurants around the world and document our adventures with lots of personally biased reviews and pictures. At least the reviews come from a consistent point of view.

All meals are paid for with our own hard earned money. No freebies. We tell it like it is and steer you towards great cuisine and away from bad food.

Many of our reviews are mostly based a single visit. Foodnut.com is unable (and sometimes does not want) to visit each restaurant multiple times.  This is not a professional review publication. Restaurant consistency is very important but difficult to achieve for some places. With this in mind, we try to ignore elements of the dining experience that may be one-off incidents.

Our Home page lists the latest entries, while the navigation in the right column lets you zoom in to reviews with certain ratings, cuisine, locations, etc. We also have a our complete restaurant review list page as well as our San Francisco Best Restaurant list with top restaurants in San Francisco and beyond. Be sure to also check out our Foodie – Must Visit Restaurants

FoodNut.com tries to maintain a low profile when reviewing restaurants. Our pictures will give you a sense of what the restaurant and food looks like. Some of our pictures do not turn out well, as we try not to make a scene and disturb other diners through the use huge digital SLRs or distracting lighting. Our pictures are of the actual menus with prices we paid. Often times, a restaurant’s websites will not have up to date information.


We take pictures of dishes we ordered, as well as comment on them. Dishes are ranked into 3 categories:
Picks – These dishes are worthy of ordering.
OK – Items that are decent but not spectacular. Order them if you like this type of dish.
Pans – Do not order these.

We rate restaurants on:

Overall – Takes into account Food, Service, Value, decor; – the entire experience.
Food – How good was the food?
Atmosphere – How nice was the restaurant?
Service – Did we get good service? Did we have to ask for basic things?
Value – Was the meal overpriced? How does pricing compare to peers?

Rating System:

4 starsThe Best. The best food and service available, in a class of its own. Fly here for a meal.
3 starsExcellent. Really, really good food, service, and atmosphere. Worth a long drive.
2.5 starsVery Good. Bordering on excellent, but not due to some factors.
2 starsGood. Slightly above average food, service, and atmosphere.
1 starBelow Average. A restaurant with below average food quality and service. A typical fast food joint.
0 stars – Poor. Avoid this place as it is below average.

Would we come back? – Yes, No, or Maybe

It does not matter how good a restaurant is if we decide it is not worthy of a future visit.

Reviews are highly subjective, so we welcome users comments. We are human, so we have food preferences and cuisines that are not our favorite. If you look at our reviews, you will see we have eat extensively and all over the world. Foodnut.com is chronicling our Foodie experiences in dining.

We try not to review fast food or nationwide chain restaurants. Support our local restaurants.

Be sure to bookmark the site and subscribe to our RSS and Twitter Feed to keep updated. Also please comment on our reviews and suggest new places we should try.  Help us spread the word!

Thank you for visiting our site

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