Top 10 Pizza in San Francisco

We are big fans of Pizza, from New York style to authentic Neapolitan.  San Francisco is home to many top notch pizza restaurants. Here is our Top 10 Pizza Places in San Francisco:

Top 10 Pizza Places in San Francisco

Arinell Pizza, Mission District, San Francisco – New York Style

Gialina Pizzeria, Glenn Park, San Francisco

Little Star Pizza, Mission District, San Francisco – Deep Dish

Paulines Pizza, Mission District, San Francisco

Pizzeria Delfina, Mission District, Cow Hollow, San Francisco. Burlingame

Pizzetta 211, Richmond District, San Francisco – Unique Neighborhood Pizzeria

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, North Beach, San Francisco


 Best Pizza located just outside San Francisco

A Slice of New York, San Jose

Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco, Emeryville

Cheeseboard Pizza Collective, Berkeley

Emilias Pizzeria, Berkeley

Gioia Pizza, Berkeley

Howie’s Artisan Pizza, Palo Alto

Pizzaiolo, Oakland

Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

Redd Wood, Yountville

Speedieria Pizzeria, San Carlos


The real deal in Naples! Make a pilgrimage and see what pizza should really taste like.. We’ve done it. Best Pizza in the World:

Pizzeria Starita

Da Michele

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