Best Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco

Best Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco

Last Update: 5/25/2023

We are big fans of Chinese food, both dim sum and dinner.  San Francisco is home to a large Chinese population and with that, some of the best Chinese food outside of China. (Except for Vancouver and Los Angeles!)

For those new to Chinese Dim Sum Lunch, be sure to read our Introduction to Chinese Dim Sum article. We also have an Introduction to an Authentic Chinese Dinner.

Here is our Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco:

Best Chinese Restaurants in San FranciscoBest Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco

The following are mostly classic Cantonese style spots.

Begoni Bistro, Chinatown San Francisco – A more modern spot with very good dim sum in the think of Chinatown. More traditional than modern, reasonable prices.

China Live, Chinatown San Francisco – The place for tourists to go, sample Chinese food, and not worry if they do not speak Chinese.

City View, Chinatown San Francisco – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch only. Also good for dim sum newbies. Solid Alternative to Yank Sing. Now in a new location.

Dragon Beaux – Koi Palace sister restaurant. Modern Chinese Dim Sum and Hot pot.

Great Eastern – Chinatown San Francisco – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner

Harborview – Opened in Crystal Jade’s Four Embarcadero spot by the folks behind R&G Lounge. Dim sum was traditional not inventive but very good.

Hong Kong Lounge, Richmond District San Francisco – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner. More budget friendly but solid quality. In case you are out this way.

Lai Hong Lounge, Chinatown San Francisco – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner. More budget friendly, full of locals, lower quality than those above.

Mamahuhu, Richmond District, San Francisco – Casual restaurant from Mister Jiu’s.  Great Sweet and Sour!

Mission ChineseHipster favorite in the Mission. Bold robust flavors fused to Chinese dishes.  Mostly Caucasians.

Palette Tea House – Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco – Instagramable Chinese Food in nice surroundings. San Mateo Hillsdale Mall location similar.

R&G Lounge, Chinatown San Francisco – Lunch or Dinner – No Dim Sum Lunch. Legendary crab and sea bass. Has faded during pandemic.

Dumpling Home,  City Hall San Francisco – The best soup dumplings or Xiao Long Bao and Pan Fried Dumplings!

Yank Sing, Financial District San Francisco – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch only – Overpriced but very friendly to dim sum or Chinese Restaurant newbies. Great soup dumplings, Good Service.  Chef Chu’s in Los Altos is also good only for Chinese restaurant newbies.


Other Top Regional Chinese Cuisine Restaurants:

Beijing Restaurant, San Francisco – Beijing Cuisine

San Tung, San Francisco – Korean Influenced Northern Chinese food

Hakka Restaurant, San Francisco – Hakka Chinese Food

Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco – Shanghai Chinese Food, Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumplings


Best Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco Best Chinese Restaurant located just outside San Francisco

5 Joy – Foster City – Taiwanese Chinese Food

Asian Pearl Peninsula, Millbrae – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner

Blue Sky Cafe, Belmont – Our local goto home style Cantonese family restaurant.

Din Tai Fung, Santa Clara – A chain the serves the best Soup Dumplings around the world.

Dough Zone, San Mateo + Cupertino – Soup Dumpling XLB and Pan Fried pork bun competitor from Seattle.

Grand Harbor, Burlingame – Very good dim sum with special top 10 inventive dishes. Not good for newbies.

HL Peninsula – An opulent Chinese restaurant in South San Francisco. Perhaps better than typically ranked #1 Koi Palace. Sister restaurant is HL Peninsula Pearl.

I-Shanghai – Great soup dumplings or XLB and pan fried pork bunds. San Ramon, Fremont, Sacramento

Koi Palace , Daly City – Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner – #1 Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area – Now tied with HL Peninsula

Koi Palace, Dublin – For those in the East Bay

Fey, Menlo Park – Sichuan

Hong Kong Restaurant, Palo Alto – Reasonably priced Family style Cantonese restaurant. Not as high quality as the ones above.

Little Shanghai, San Mateo – Very good Shanghai Chinese Food – Horrible interior

Palette Tea Garden, San Mateo – Similar to one in SF. Nice decor

The Kitchen, Millbrae – Chinese Dim Sum Lunch or Dinner

Shanghai Dumpling Shop, Millbrae- Shanghai Chinese Food, For Steamed Pork Dumplings only. Falls behind Din Tai Fung, Dumpling Home, Dough Zone.


Chinese restaurant are not required to have lackluster service that sucks or dirty bathrooms. Unfortunately no one has told restaurants to shape up. We have eaten Chinese food throughout Asia and bring you reviews of some of the best Chinese restaurants. Read our review of the first 3 Michelin star rated Chinese restaurant in the World – Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

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