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Smoque BBQ

3800 N Pulaski

Chicago, IL 60641


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Smoque BBQ Chicago exterior

Why did we dine here? – Smoque BBQ is a highly rated BBQ restaurant in the Northern part of Chicago. We heard good things about it and decided to give it a try while on our trip to the Windy City. Many in Chicago are proud of their BBQ, so we wanted to see if it is a lot better than San Francisco’s. This restaurant is about 20 minutes from the Loop. They have a location in the Revival Food Hall in the Loop that serves a subset of this spot.

Smoque BBQ Chicago menu

There is a line often, where you line up to order, and then are guided to a table. They call your number and then you go get your food. They are pretty strict on seating people and ensuring a smooth flow.

Insider Tip – Call ahead to order takeout

Cuisine – BBQ
Location – Chicago, Irving Park
Opened – 2007

Service – Smoque BBQ had decent service with people helping you order or carry your food.
Verdict – Smoque BBQ satisfied our BBQ cravings. They did not impress us as much as we expected though.

Is this restaurant worth a 5 minute drive? Yes. 30 minute? Maybe. 1 Hour? No

Smoque BBQ Signature Dishes – Ribs, Beef Brisket

Smoque BBQ’s Menu is pretty standard issue with the usual sandwiches, plates, and rib platters.

Website Smoque BBQ Menu

Smoque BBQ Food Picks:

Smoque BBQ Chicago Baby back ribs pulled pork beef brisket

Baby Back Ribs ($16.95 for half slab with 2 sides) Memphis style dry rub smoked over oak and sweet applewood. Well done but on the dark side. Slightly dry and overcooked, not fully meat fall off the bone. Their Memphis sauce is nice and thick. Carolina sauce had a strong citrus accent. Good ribs, but not exceptional. We recently bought a pellet smoker and our 3:2:1 6 hour ribs are better.

Coleslaw was the non mayo type. Decent.

Mac N Cheese was great. An Alton Brown type. Individual service with nice crust.

BBQ Beans were also very well done. Smokey and sweet.

Chopped Beef Brisket ($5.75 taste) 10-12 hours in smoker. Smokey flavor, very chopped up, decent.

Pulled Pork ($4.50 taste) was very good. Liberal mound for this price.

Smoque BBQ Chicago salad

Salad ($8.95) was a lot bigger than we expected. Definitely a meal portion.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)

Do you agree with our review? Have you found other similar restaurants that are better?

Restaurant Map:

Smoque BBQ Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

Come Back?

Food Rating: (Very Good)
Service Rating: (Very Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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