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Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

Porfirio’s, Cancun

Porfinos Cancun Exterior Decor

An amazing find in Cancun! Porfirio’s is a Mexican restaurant in Cancun, right at tourist area Zona Hotelera, just north of the Hard Rock Hotel. We wanted to get some Mexican food and luckily this place was a short 7 minute walk from our hotel. (What is the point of eating sushi in Mexico?) Reviews were good. Porfirio is more than a restaurant, with on going dj’d music videos, live mariachi’s, it was the whole package.

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Foodnut Cancun Restaurant Reviews

Last Update: 2018

Foodnut travels, eats, and tells.  We’re based in San Francisco but have flown all over the place. We love Mexican food and find some of the best in Cancun.

We recently finished up our latest culinary tour of Cancun in 2018. Other reviews farther down are from previous trips. Cancun is a world class destination full of great food. Most of the Mexican food was superior to that in the San Francisco Bay Area. The service is on another level here.

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Californios, San Francisco

Californios San Francisco exterior decor

Why did we dine here? – Californios is a Two Michelin Star (in 2017) Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, the highest rating of its type in the US. We were intrigued and hesitated to come here, but finally succumbed to all the positive accolades and were glad we did. ($177 for Mexican food?!) Chef Val M. Cantu crafts cuisine of the highest regard, having moved up from a popup years ago. Open the really heavy door and you will enter this fairly small restuarant. It almost seems like it should be twice the size, and a little less dark – hard edged.

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LV Mar, Redwood City

LV Mar, Redwood City
Photo Courtesy LV Mar

Why did we dine here? – LV Mar is a Latin focus restaurant in downtown Redwood City that serves Elevated Latin tapas, platters & cocktails in a modern, comfortably upscale dining room and sidewalk patio. They also run the nearby La Viga, which is a more casual. We had a good experience at La Viga, so it was natural for us to try this restaurant. Last visit was for dinner in 2018

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La Viga, Redwood City

La Viga Redwood City exterior decor

Why did we dine here? – Wonderful food at great prices. La Viga derives from the massive central seafood market in Mexico City where our chef Manuel Martinez (Left Bank, Reposado) comes from. They focus food with local sustainable ingredients and draw a huge crowd. This restaurant has a high 4.5 rating on Yelp from almost 1000 reviewers. A friend tipped us off.

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Cala, San Francisco

Cala San Francisco exterior decor

Modern Mexican bliss in SF. Why did we dine here? – Cala is Mexico City’s Gabriela Camara first restaurant in the United Stats. She is renown for her Contramar in Mexico City. Finally we get a taste of modern Mexican cuisine, outside of the usual Americanized dishes. This restaurant is a welcome change from all the me-two new restaurants serving the same old New California cuisine of Kale, Deviled eggs, ahi tuna, pork belly, etc!! Needless to say, this was #1 on our hit list.

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Taqueria La Cumbre, San Mateo

La Cumbre Mexican Restaurant Exterior

Taqueria La Cumbre Mexican Restaurant has a location in San Francisco and San Mateo. We tried the one in San Mateo, located near Caltrain. They have everything from burritos to tacos to caldos to plates. The San Francisco location has lines often times. Our last visit was in 2017. The great thing about his place is the parking lot!

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El Sinaloense, San Mateo

Why did we dine here? – El Sinaloense is a hidden gem of a Mexican restaurant in San Mateo that few know about, but those that come, return. Tucked away behind a Safeway, this place is one of the top Mexican restaurants in San Mateo, if not the best. Lots of locals and families come here for dinner. A friend recommended this spot, so we gave it a try. It is actually difficult to find a good Mexican restaurant. Forget about recommending Chevy’s.

Insider Tip – Service can be slow, so do not come in a hurry.

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Nopalito Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Nopalito San Francisco Exterior

Nopalito is a new San Francisco restaurant serving authentic traditional Mexican cuisine from the popular restaurant Nopa folks. It is located across the street from the San Francisco DMV, next to upscale grocery store Falletti’s Plaza. They use local, sustainable, and organic ingredients and have some small plates as well as some more expensive big plates. The place was still very new when we visited them for dinner. Lots of Hispanic cooks were cooking the cuisine. This is a place for a quick bite, not much lingering.

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El Tonayense Taco Truck Review, San Francisco

El Tonayense San Francisco Truck

El Tonayense is a  Mexican restaurant with lots of mobile food trucks throughout San Francisco.  They have been featured on PBS’s Check Please TV show.  They are parked on the side of the Best Buy at 14th St and Harrison in San Francisco so we decided to give them a try even though we were not hungry.
Decor, Vibe – ‘Roach Coach’ mobile dining with tacos, burritos, and Tortas in a variety of meats including brains, head and cheek.

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