Cafe de Olla Restaurat Review, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Cafe de Olla

Calle Basilio Badillo 168

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, CA


Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta 16

Cafe de Olla serves reasonably priced Mexican fare in Puerto Vallarta.
It is located in the central district, a couple blocks from the beach and is a busy place that does not take reservations.

Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta 7

Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta 2

They are really busy during breakfast and have funky trees shooting through holes in the roof. English translations of the menu are available.

Menu Pictures:

Menu Pictures

Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta 4

Nice Box


Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta Fajitas

Fajitas Combinadas -($130 – 10:1 Pesos to US$) Tons of chicken, beef, and shrimp with good flavor and hot and tender tortillas. Reasonable price too.

Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta Pulpa Ajo

Pulpa Ajo – Octopus ($98)- A mound of cooked octopus was tender and delicious, although it was a little oily.

Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta Tacos Pescado

Tacos Pescado – Fish Tacos ($65) – 4 larges ones comprised this dish.  White fish meat and good cheese.



Cafe de Olla Puerto Vallarta Chips

Their free chips and salsa were awesome. Cafe de Olla is a mid priced restaurant serving very accessible cuisine. Extensive menu means anyone can find something to eat. You can hit it for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner and get some good values. Bring Cash, as no credit cards are accepted.

Restaurant Map:

Cafe de Olla Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Food Rating: (Good)
Service Rating: (Average)
Atmosphere Rating: (Good)
Value Rating: (Very Good)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:8am-11pm. Closed Tu, Sept 15-Oct 15
Prices:$38 - $210

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