Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul, Korea


Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market

13-8 Noryangjin 1(il)-dong Dongjak-gu,

Seoul, South Korea

+82 2-814-2211

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market Website

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market restaurant

Why did we dine here? – Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market is Seoul’s largest indoor seafood market. Being devout foodies, we seek out fish and other food markets wherever we go. We read that this is a fairly large wet market, not as big as Tokyo’s, but still worth visiting. This location is open 24 hours a day, year round, although you can come around 3am to see the daily auction. Perfect if you are really jetlagged.  This place reminded us of our seafood adventures in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

Video of the Seafood Market

There was probably no other to get this level of freshness in conjunction with reasonable prices. A restaurant would definitely charge you more.

The best way to get here is to take the subway. Get off at the Noryangjin Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 1. Walk 100m over the bridge.

More Video

We took a cab and needed to point him to the parking gate to get dropped off. When we needed to catch a cab, we had to stand on the side of the busy highway to flag one down, as they will not enter the paid parking lot.

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market seafood seller

Insider Tip – Haggle on the price

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market

Cuisine – Seafood
Location – Seoul, Korea
Opened – 1927

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market shellfish

Service – Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market has a bunch of different sellers, each really wants your business and many speak English. They can also help point you to a restaurant to cook your goodies.
Verdict – Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market is a must visit for foodies. You can pick what you want and have it cooked right away. If you select the right items, you can have a very reasonably priced meal.

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market Signature Dishes – Fish, shrimp, octopus, sea cucumber, crab, and abalone.

We asked the lady we purchased the items from where we should get them cooked. She pointed us to a gentleman who had a restaurant down a corridor. You can watch our video above to see how to get there.

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market prawns

We selected some good-sized prawns which costs 7000 KRW for six pieces. (US $6).

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market prawns abalone

Next on the menu was some of the beautiful abalone. Three reasonably sized fresh ones will cost you 10000 KRW. (US $9) This will cost many times more elsewhere in the world and probably won’t be available in most United States restaurants.

Abalone was cooked with cheese on top. An interesting idea, though we decided to push the cheese off. The abalone was chewy but very pure and tender.

The prawns were broiled and topped with cheese. Pure, simple, and perfect.

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market steamed octopus

A fairly small octopus costs us 15000 KRW ($13).

The first dish was the octopus, which was steamed. We had asked to have it Sashimi style, so we could experienced wiggling tentacles in our throat, but he did not want to do that. In the end, the octopus was very chewy, obviously fresh and cooked in a simply style. It definitely needed dipping sauce to be eaten. Next time we’ll skip the octopus unless we can eat it raw.

Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market scallops

We love scallops, so we purchased a kilogram for 10000 KRW, ($10). Scallops were steamed with sesame seeds, bell peppers, seaweed and butter. These babies were excellent. Extremely sweet and fresh.

The restaurant was fairly small, but air conditioned. The waiter spoke very little English but we made it clear that we wanted our seafood prepared whatever way he thought was best. They also provided leaves to accompany our seafood as well as garlic.

The restaurant’s final bill came to 39000 with a couple drinks and a beer. (US $35). Cheap and definitely one of our most memorable meals in Korea!

Do you agree with our review? Have you found other similar restaurants that are better?

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Seoul Noryangjin Fish Market Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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