La Fontaine de Mars Restaurant Review, Paris


La Fontaine de Mars

129, Rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris, France, CA

01 47 05 46 44

01 47 05 11 13 (Fax)

La Fontaine de Mars Website

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Exterior Decor

La Fontaine de Mars is the known as the famous bistro in the 7th Arrondissement where President Obama went. There is a fountain right outside the restaurant that helped name this place. It is not far from the Eiffel Tower, making this a good place for a meal before/after a visit. They have serve South western French Cuisine including foie gras, duck, and cassoulet since 1908.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Old school oak paneled walls, simple chairs, little paintings, lots of lights everywhere. Downstairs is a busy, noisy bistro with lots of sidewalk seating. Upstairs is a quieter more rustic dining room. Lots of American tourists, some locals, many big groups.

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La Fontaine de Mars Paris France English Menu

Website Menu

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Amuse Bouche saucisson Salami

Amuse Bouche – Saucisson or Salami


La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Fricassou Sauteed Vegetables

Fricassou de légumes à l’huile d’olive (19) – Fresh vegetables sauteed in olive oil were good. Cucumbers, olives, bell peppers, mushrooms and more. On the expensive side for this dish though.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Monkfish Poisson du jour

Poisson du jour à l’ardoise (29) – Fish of the day was monkfish served with a rice pilaf. On the smaller portion size side but well cooked and a nice white wine based sauce.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Haricot vert Green Beans

Haricot Verts (7) – Sauteed green beans were small but plentiful. Nicely done.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Peach Soup

Dessert du jour (12.50) – Peach soup with sorbet was the special today. Lots of fresh peaches topped with an apricot sorbet. Refreshing during the hot summer.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Ile Flottante Floating Meringue Island

Ile Flottante (9) – Traditional dessert of soft meringue island floating in a custard soup. It was very soft and airy, while the custard had a heavy vanilla flavor. A nice classic French dessert.

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Magret Canard Roast Duck Breast

Roast Duck Breast

La Fontaine de Mars Paris France aubergine puree Eggplant puree

Aubergine Puree

Magret Canard, sauce olive, caviar d’aubergine (28) – Roast duck breast, olive sauce, and aubergine puree looked pretty unappetizing at first sight. One bite and our minds were changed. Excellent duck flavor and tenderness. Nice mushroom sauce to accent the medium rare duck. The eggplant puree almost tasted like mashed potatoes.


La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Blanc de poireaux Steamed Leeks

Blanc de poireaux ravigote d’herbes (10) – Steamed Leaks with Vinaigrette dressing were on the soggy side.


La Fontaine de Mars Paris France Beef Tartare

Lundi Plat du Jour Tartare Maison (20) – Monday Special – Beef Tartare with a side salad was not very good. We recently had one in San Francisco at Chez Papa Resto that was far better. Meat quality was probably the main issue.

La Fontaine de Mars had waiters that spoke English and provided warm, professional service. The prices are typical for a Bistro and the food quality is very good. We have no problems recommending it but suggest you take in a less touristy place like Josephine Chez Dumonet.

They accept reservations by phone, speak English, and have an English menu. Metro: Ecole Militaire

Restaurant Map:

La Fontaine de Mars Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Food Rating: (Very Good)
Service Rating: (Very Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Daily Noon - 3pm, 7-11pm
Prices:17 - 32 €

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