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Chapeau!, San Francisco

Chapeau San Francisco Exterior Decor

One of our favorite San Francisco restaurants.. Chapeau! is a French Bistro located in the San Francisco Richmond district in the middle of the Clement Street shopping district. At one time, they had two locations, but later wisely consolidated into this one location. Chapeau! SF opened in 1996 and means hat or wow in French.

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Hakka Restaurant, San Francisco

Hakka restaurant San Francisco exterior decor

Hakka Restaurant SF is a family run Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond District that opened in early 2010. It has garnered some foodie attention on chowhound. While they serve a wide variety of Chinese dishes including Americanized standbys, they are known for their regional Chinese specialties. We returned for to go in late 2015.

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Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

Best xiao long bao in San Francisco?

Shanghai Dumpling King San Francisco Interior

Shanghai Dumpling King is a Shanghainese Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s outer Richmond district. It was recently featured on Check Please. They have a weekday lunch rice plate special menu. Our latest visit was in 2013, after 4 years. We were in search of the best Shanghai steamed dumplings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Aziza Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Aziza San Francisco exterior decor

Aziza is a one Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco’s sleepy Richmond district run by executive chef Mourad Lahlou. They focus on organic, local, and sustainable ingredients. His modern reinventions of traditional Moroccan dishes has garnered him much acclaim. Pastry chef Melissa Chou is also legendary.

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Hong Kong Lounge Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Hong Kong Lounge San Francisco Exterior

Hong Kong Lounge is a popular Chinese Restaurant located in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district that opened in late 2008. They serve dim sum at lunch time and are quite busy. We were nearby, had never tried them, and were looking for decent Chinese food at lunch time. Their second location opened in 2011, and is also on Geary Street, closer to Laurel Heights.

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