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Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar Restaurant Review, Vancouver

Blue Water Cafe Vancouver BC Canada exterior decor

Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar is as they put it “City’s definitive destination for seafood”.  Our goal was to eat local food that defined Vancouver. Executive Chef Frank Pabst is known for his innovative and brilliantly executed West Coast plates, insisting on using seafood from wild and sustainable harvest. At the raw bar, cut master Yoshi Tabo has his own dedicated following for his expert sushi and sashimi. We had eaten at their sister restaurant, Araxi, in Whistler a couple days before our dinner here. Blue Water Cafe is located in the trendy Yale town district, which literally has restaurant after restaurant on each block.

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Araxi Restaurant Review, Whistler, BC, Canada

Araxi Restaurant Whistler BC Canada_0039

Araxi Restaurant + Bar is a popular restaurant in Whistler’s village. They focus on British Columbia cuisine with lots of seafood. Executive Chef James Walt celebrates carefully sourced local ingredients including the freshest seafood. This restaurant is renowned to be the top spot in Whistler. Araxi has 3 well regarded restaurants in Vancouver.

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