Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Review, Hong Kong


Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine

132 Nathan Rd.

Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Website

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We recently visited Hong Kong and dined on excellent Cantonese Chinese food and much more. Hong Kong is a modern city like New York, that is progressive, packed with energy, and filled with top-notch restaurants.

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Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 3

Sun Tung Lok was one of the major restaurants we were looking forward to, as they received 3 Michelin stars in 2011. They joined Lung King Heen has the most rewarded Chinese restaurants in the world. A originally opened in 1969, but having moved several times, with their last move happening in 2009, to this convenient location in the middle of touristy Tsim Sha Tsui. They also have a new location in Beijing.

Chinese name: 新同樂魚翅酒家

Summary – Sun Tung Lok serves up innovative Chinese cuisine in elegant surrounds with steallar service.
Insider Tip – Make reservations.

Cuisine – Chinese Cantonese
Chef – Joe Chan
Location – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China
Opened – 1969

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Decor, Vibe – Sun Tung Lok has classic beautiful upscale decor with linen lined walls, velvet seats, white hues, Asian accents, ironed tablecloths. Several walled off rooms are available. Business deals were being discussed all over the restaurant.

Sun Tung Lok Menu

Menu has classic Cantonese Chinese dim sum for lunch, and traditional Chinese dishes for dinner. Several Set menus are available for those who are Chinese menu challenged.

Signature Dishes – Sharks Fin, Abalone, Abalone puffs, Jade scallop dumplings

Website Sun Tung Lok Menu

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Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 4

Cashews for nibbling.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 7

Braised prime rib of beef with house gray (HK$88) is a specialty dish full of tender, fall of the bone prime rib. Large dish possessing long boild soup type meat with a sweet sauce.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 10

Roast Suckling pig (HK$240) was Excellent. Long dish of thin crispy skin, sugar, plum sauce, one of the first dishes we look forward to in Hong Kong and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 5

Steamed shrimp dumplings (HK$45) velvetty smooth, 4 good sized perfect morsels. We ended up ordering another dish!

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 6

Steamed scallop, shrimp, kale dumplings (HK$42) Wow, 3 stellar dumplings filled with multiple flavors. This was a tour de force.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 11

Baked abalone puff (HK$60) had 2 pastry crusted puffs filled with real abalone. A freshly made, hot out of the oven signature dish that is good but possed a slightly bitter dough. Intentional?

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 8

Steamed rice flour rolls with shredded turnip, enoki mushrooms, and Yunnan ham (HK$45) possessed a nice soft rice noodle and well executed filling.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 9

Steamed preserved vegetable and pork bun (HK$36) was very good but could have been better if they omitted the fat chunks.

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 13

Mango no mei chi dessert (HK$36) Thin gooey skin, fresh mango innards, not too sweet, a nice meal ender.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Dim Sum Hong Kong 12

Steamed egg yolk and custard bun (HK$36) with yellow dough and interior possessed some bitterness in the dough along with a soft bun and runny interior. OK not great, similar to Champagne Seafood’s in San Mateo.

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)

Service – Sun Tung Lok had excellent service with courteous and professional waiters providing top notch recommendations and service. There was almost always someone nearby. This one attribute divides Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong from the USA.

Value – This is one of the cheapest Michelin three-star restaurants he can eat at. A set menu at lunch is available for as little as HK$180 per person.

Alternatives – In this class include 3 Michelin star Lung King Heen, 2 Michelin star Ming Court, Yan Toh Heen, Cuisine Cuisine, and others.

Verdict – Sun Tung Lok wowed us with delicate, carefully prepared dim sum combined with excellent service. Is it better than Lung King Heen? The two excellent restaurants are different animals, with divergent locations and styles. If you are serious about Chinese food, make your pilgrimage to this restaurant. We look forward to dinner here or in their Beijing location, someday in the future!
MTR Station: Tsim Sha Tsui Exit B2

Open Rice page – Rating 4.2

Also at:

Sun Tong Lok
12 Jinyuhutong Wangfujing
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100006, China
(86) 10 6559 9899
(86) 10 6527 1600 Fax

Restaurant Map:

Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine Overall Rating: (Super 3.5)

Come Back?

Food Rating: (Super)
Service Rating: (Super)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Attire:Smart Casual
Hours:Daily 11:30 AM - 3 PM (Lunch)
Prices:HK$180 - HK$7680, 10% service charge

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