Fu Gow Restaurant Review, Shenzhen, China

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Fu Gow

Shenzhen, China


Why did we dine here? – Fu Gow is a excellent restaurant located near the Shenzhen airport. Our local friend highly recommended this restaurant, which is frequented by many government officials and is way under the radar.

Fu Gow Shenzen China Tree

There is a huge old tree that grows in the middle of the restaurant, as well as seafood tanks on the first floor. This restaurant is only a couple steps up from a dive.

Insider Tip – Reserve your crab in advance at least 14 days ahead as there are only so many harvested each day by their exclusive supplier.

Cuisine – Chinese
Location – Shenzhen, China
Opened – 1978

Service – Fu Gow had marginal service even though we were in a private room. Come for the food, not the service.
Verdict – Fu Gow is a must visit for foodies coming to Shenzhen, China. It is worth the trouble booking this restaurant. Have your hotel concierge or a Chinese speaking friend help you, as you will not regret it.


Signature Dishes – Crab, Durian Chicken Soup, Fried Duck with Taro

Fu Gow’s Menu is fairly broad, but the focus should be on the famous dishes.


Fu Gow Shenzen China Durian Soup

Durian Chicken Soup is as stinky as the fruit but a must order. Boiled for 10 hours, this sweet soup is excellent.

Fu Gow Shenzen China Pig Feet

Pig’s Feet are extremely bony and were minced in a special sauce. These were some of the best we have tried.

Fu Gow Shenzen China Duck Taro

Fried Duck with Taro is a signature dish that must be ordered. Crispy top, soft middle, and chewy duck.

Fu Gow Shenzen China Crab

Fu Gow Shenzen China Crab Buttered

Butter Crab is the reason everyone is here. These are caught locally where the fresh water and salt water intermix. They are cut in half and baked. This is one of the few places that serves this dish. The meat is silky smooth and among the best crab we’ve ever had.

Fu Gow Shenzen China Fish

Steamed Local Live Fish was known as a (red fish) that was cooked in the typical steamed style but simply excellent.

Restaurant Map:

Fu Gow Overall Rating: (Super 3.5)

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Value Rating: (Excellent)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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