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Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Exterior

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar is an Caribbean Island focused restaurant that has been open since 2008. They focus on Jamaican classics like Jerk Chicken. Some cool Steel drum live music was playing on our 2009 visit, by 2016, the place was so loud on a Friday night, you could not hear much. Its chef also runs the cult classic Back-A-yard restaurant in Menlo Park.

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Interior

Decor, Vibe – Coconuts Caribbean has a Quirky colorful interior with lots of colorful artwork. Bar area with counter seating, outdoor patio for Sunnier days. The place was packed with families, nearby locals, friends getting together, mostly folks in their 30’s to 40’s.

Coconuts Caribbean Menu Pictures

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Interestingly prices have increased only slightly from 2009 to 2015. Prices here are pretty reasonable, considering how expensive other places are, around the corner.

Coconuts Caribbean Food Picks:

Soup of the day Spinach, Okra, Pork ($2.75 cup) was very good. An interesting green colored combination of zesty flavors.

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Jerk Chicken Oxtail

Jerk Chicken and Tender braised oxtail ($16.95) was a great combination. Traditional Jerk chicken was very juicy and tender. Oxtail falls off the bone and is flavored perfectly. Good rice and beans too. Could have used more Plantains though. The chicken was actually better the next day as a leftovers. This probably gave the flavor to sink in.

Oxtail ($14.25) is great as expected, problem is that it is 80% bone, not a lot of meat..

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Jerk Salmon

Jerk Salmon ($13.95) with whipped potatoes, green beans, papaya mustard salsa was a good sized chunk of grilled salmon. Cooked just right and enough flavor to make it stand out.

Coconuts Caribbean Jerk Salmon Curry Shrimp

Jerk Salmon/Curry Shrimp Combination ($17.95) was another good combination.  The shrimp was really well done, making it eclipse the salmon.  Next time we will just order curry shrimp.

Coconut Shrimp ($11) appetizer is spot on. Deep fried goodness with large shrimp and some tangy sauce on the side.

Coconuts Caribbean Ital Vegetarian Stew

Ital Stew ($14.95) with Okra, Eggplant , Lentils , Carrots and Boniato served with jasmine rice , fried plantains (Vegetarian) is the key entree for vegetarians.  Strong bold flavors with a ton of veggies.  No compromises here.

Macaroni and Cheese ($3.50) was awesome piece of baked goodness. A gourmet version almost as good as Flora’s in Oakland.

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Sweet Potato Pudding

Sweet Potato Pudding ($7) A Caribbean dessert staple with caramelized crust was very dense and not too sweet. The sauce was super sweet. The two made a good balance.

Pina Colada ($7) reminded you of the Islands. Creamy and coconutty. Virgin version also available. Happy hour discount makes it cheaper. The Mango Mojito ($9) tasted like it has no alcohol, but later BAM, it hits you.


Busha’s Jerk Pork Bites ($6.95) Mango Salsa, Jerk Dipping sauce had a good quantity of tender jerk pork that was pretty spicy and fatty. It is good if you are a spicy pork fan.

Curried Chicken ($11.95) was just fair. Lots of chicken but not very much sauce or flavor.

Rum Rummer ($8) with light rum, spiced rum, malibu, grenadine, 151 float, OJ was a fair combination that was not sweet, semi-potent, and not balanced.


Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar had very friendly service, a reflection of the Island focus. Prices were reasonable and the split portion upcharge of $2 was fair. Happy hour brings discount cocktails and beer. They have a Lunch menu and a tiny kids menu. The place is a party seen and loud on Friday nights, so don’t look for  a quiet romantic dinner here.

The food at Coconuts Caribbean was very good, the atmosphere fun, making this place a no brainer. Sister Back-A-yard restaurant in Menlo Park may be a cheaper bet, but it does not have much flair.

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Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Very Good)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Closed Mon, Tu-Th 1130am-3pm, 5-10pm, Fri 1130am-1030pm, Sat 4-1030pm, Sun 2-7pm
Prices:$9.25 - $19.50

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