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Restaurant Made in China

No. 1 Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District, Grand Hyatt

Beijing 100738, China, CA

86 10 8518 1234

86 10 8518-0000 (Fax)

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Made In China Beijing China Exterior

Restaurant Made in China is a Chinese restaurant located in the five star Grand Hyatt hotel in Beijing, China. They focus on Northern Chinese cuisine including Peking Duck and Beggar’s Chicken. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We were worried that this restaurant was a typical tourist trap with mediocre food at high prices but decided to visit for dinner because we were staying in the hotel. No free tea here. You have to pay for it as you do in other places. 15% service charge. We tried to stay with the menu marked specialties.

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Made In China Beijing China Interior

Made In China Beijing China Kitchen

Dumpling Chef

Made In China Beijing China Kitchen 2

Stir Fry Chef

Made In China Beijing China Refrigerator

Open Refrigerator

Decor, Vibe – Beautiful dark wood interior with highly decorative wine racks, tea pots, and Chinese artifacts. Several open cooking stations where you can even see Peking duck being prepared. The place was filled with hotel guests. Majority of diners were non Asians.

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Made In China Beijing China Gong bao Chicken

Gongbao Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken (98¥, $1=6.8¥) was the star of the night. Excellent dish with peanuts, hazelnuts, and tons of chicken cooked to perfection.

Made In China Beijing China Xinjiang Pancake

Xin Jiang style crispy Pancake (68¥) was insanely hot still, fresh out of the skillet. Some nice lamb meat was chopped inside. It came with a tiny jar of super hot mustard oil. A drip will do you in!

Made In China Beijing China Tong hao Vegetables

Tong Hao Vegetables (35¥) with minced garlic and Chinese rice wine vinegar were nice and fresh, strong peanuty sauce coating the top.

Made In China Beijing China Fried String Beans

Fried String Beans (35¥) with minced pork and preserved vegetables were fresh and cooked just right.


Made In China Beijing China Peking Duck

Roasted duck (238¥) is one of the main items everybody orders. 45 minute preparation time. You can see the chef cooking them in the special ovens. We found the meat very dry, the carving not exacting, the flavor very very smokey. Flavor was ok, but overall we keep Da Dong and Quan Jude above this one. At least they did not charge for condiments.

Made In China Beijing China Spinach Leaves

Spinach Leaves (35¥) was a pretty plain jane mound of fresh spinach.


Made In China Beijing China Hua Diao Ice Teat Cocktail

Hua Diao Ice Tea (55¥) is an acquired taste with tea, coke and a dried plum. The initial taste is of the Hua Diao Chinese rice while then it settles down to the sweet taste.

Restaurant Made in China is a beautiful place. They served some excellent dishes, but had some big disappointments namely the Peking duck. We’re sure there are some other gems on this menu.

Made In China Beijing China Menu Beggars Chicken

Beggar’s Chicken at our neighbor’s table looked great. This is a good place for westerners to visit with the nice decor and the face that they speak many languages. Better food at lower prices can be had elsewhere but Made in China still can provide a good dining experience if you order carefully. Wangfujing Subway stop.

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Restaurant Made in China Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Service Rating: (Excellent)
Atmosphere Rating: (Extraordinary)
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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Daily 7 - 10am, 1130am - 2:30pm, 5:30 - 10pm
Parking:Paid Valet
Prices:35 - 1388 ¥

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  • HK Epicurus
    February 28, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I just realised between Quanjude, Da Dong and Made in China especially their ducks – me and your assessment are exactly matching point to point.

    I found Quanjude original stall to be quite good actually but online people bags it no end. I have 2 other shops I like but don’t know how to type the name in Mandarin!

    February 29, 2012 at 7:43 am

    Glad we have the same tastes. Find the restaurant on by searching google with its phone number.. IE search for 8888-1234

  • HK Epicurus
    February 29, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Ok thanks for that! : )

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