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Av. del Paraŀlel, 164

Barcelona, Spain 08015

606 22 55 45

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Tickets Barcelona exterior decor

Tickets is top rated part of Albert Adria’s group of restaurants, across the street from his other restaurant Bodega 1900. This restaurant was ranked number 25 in the world. It features a whimsical interior with offbeat decor, lights and furniture. It has 1 Michelin star.

Tickets Barcelona interior decor

You must have reservations for this place and the spots fill up fast. Prepare to book months in advance, otherwise you’ll have to pay up for the special Tickets Experience at (250e per person) which includes a prix fixe menu, dessert, and a gift.

All in all this fun experience was better than we expected. The food was innovative and unique. A great place for every foodie to visit when in Barcelona.

We could not secure reservations, so we purchased their experience. The menu is pretty wide ranging and is not very expensive surprisingly.

Was surprisingly fantastic. They understood English well and took care of our every need. No need to ask for items. Servers are constantly scanning the table, making sure everything is ok. Empty plates are cleared quickly.

Food Picks:

Tickets Barcelona Mojito cocktail

Mojito (9e) was filled with crushed ice but done well. Strong and hidden potency.

Agua Valencia (8e) is a classic Spanish cocktail, also done well. Very tall.

Tinto Verano (8e) is also another popular Spanish cocktail that the bartender made balanced and strong.

Tickets Barcelona Joselito jamon

Jamon was the first dish. The seemingly national dish of Barcelona, they served Joselito 100% Iberican that was 100% acorn fed. This topped crisp toast with tomato. Good stuff. El Romero de Salamanca.

Tickets Barcelona Molecular olives

Olive dish was second up. We had the same one at Bodega 1900 across the street, so it was not a surprise. This time they give you two and place it in a container of olive oil. A fun dish full of flavor

Tickets Barcelona almond ice cream

Almond Ice Cream Popsicle consisted of an almond milk treat coated with olive oil and topped with chopped almonds. A savory dish created table side. A prize ticket was on one of the pops.

Tickets Barcelona almond with caviar

Almond topped with caviar was held in an almond shell. A cool dish that continued the almond trend.

Tickets Barcelona Gambas Marinated prawn

Gambas or Marinated prawn were lightly cooked with black tea and laid on a bed of ice. We were instructed to eat the body then the head. Chewy body and a crunchy head.

Tickets Barcelona pizza

The ‘pizza’ was fish egg cubes on a crispy cracker. Interesting and fun.

Tickets Barcelona Melon cerviche

Melon Ceviche did not contain seafood, it was made with melon, kumquat, kumquat powder, coriander oil, and ice. A cold and sharp flavor to cleanse the palette.

Tickets Barcelona mini airbags air baguette

Mini ‘airbags’ were topped with manchego cheese foam and hazelnut oil caviar, and proved to be a small crisp treat. The air baguette was wrapped with cow and not ham. The thin crispy texture served as starch for the meat. Fun and tasty.

Tickets Barcelona avocado ravioli

Avocado ravioli was filled with edible crab, toast, chipotle mayonnaise, and spicy chia seed mixture. What a hearty, compact but hard to make item.

Tickets Barcelona mulbread with steak

Alternate: Mulbread with steak, onion, smoked cheese dollop, and vinegar powered. Crunchily good with chewy meat.

Tickets Barcelona ostra con aqua de kiwi oysters

Ostra con aqua de kiwi – Oysters from France were topped with kiwi juice. Interesting combination that was hard to slurp at first.

Tickets Barcelona crunchy octopus kimchi mayonnaise

Crunchy Octopus with kimchi mayonnaise, panko and Ticket’s piparras were situated on top of a cool box of shells. You ate each bite with a pickled pepper from the jar.

Tickets Barcelona spaghettis and morels

Alternate: Spaghettis and Morel – Oyster mushroom noodles topped with more mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, and nut oil. A rich sauce for this very mushroomy dish.

Tickets Barcelona lettuce heart

Lettuce Heart – Lettuce juice liquid nitrogened on a bed of lettuce, carrot with dashi, was a bit weird an gimmicky.

Chickpea water shaken into a foam topped a ham consumme. Our final savory dish. Interesting!

Tickets Barcelona dessert room movie wall

We moved into the cold dessert room next door. The roof was filled with berries and the walls had screens playing Willy Wonka and a French movie – The Pie.

Tickets Barcelona Rose dessert

Rose was our first dessert as we entered the room. A lychee, raspberry sphere, rosewater gelatin, sprayed with rose water. We even got to keep the rose.

Tickets Barcelona apricot stuffed with yogurt

Apricot stuffed with yogurt ice cream was the next dessert. Fruity and cool.

Tickets Barcelona Wafer philo pastry

Wafer philo pastry was filled with cream, carmel and then ‘cooked’ in liquid nitrogen to super cool it. Crispy, sweet and fun.

Tickets Barcelona chocolate flower

Chocolate flower with coconut, passion fruit and mint was the next dessert. Lite and chocolatety.

Restaurant Map:

Tickets Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Food Rating: (Excellent)
Service Rating: (Excellent)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Full Bar

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