Madrid Restaurant Reviews


Madrid, Spain

Madrid Restaurant Reviews

Reviews from our 2023 trip to Spain and Portugal. Our goals were to eat at authentic non-touristy places while fulfilling our wishes to try certain items. One of us is Vegan, so will see many options for vegans and vegetarians.

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Yelp is somewhat useful for finding Madrid Restaurant reviews with a low review count.

Trip Advisor and Google Search are helpful. The Fork is used to make many online reservations

Other places for the future trips:

DiverXO, Cebo, Kuoco 360, Celicioso Hortalez, Sacha, Taberna La Carmencita.

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Madrid Restaurant Reviews

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Ten Con Ten, Madrid, Spain


Ten con ten madrid (10)

Ten Con Ten is a trendy Modern Spanish restaurant in Madrid that belongs to the Paraguas Group (Origen, Aarde, Numa Pompilio..) 4 out of 5 stars on Trip advisor with 4500 reviews.
The place was packed on a Monday night. Many business dinners were going on with this clubby atmosphere. Reservations are essential.

Food was excellent with several top notch dishes. Food quantity is surprisingly liberal, making us so full we could not order dessert.

Service was Very good, with no worries ordering or maneuvering dietary requirements (English menu available) in English.

Food Review:
Mango Martini (18e) is expensive but worthwhile. Very hidden potency. 9/10

Pan (10.50e) was quietly charged for bread. Ah this is pretty backhanded. 8/10

Verduras Sartén (19e) or sautéed vegetables were some of the better ones we’ve had on our trip. Asparagus, artichoke, onions and more. 9/10

Risotto con truffle (25e) is a signature dish. Rich, decadent and very nicely done. 10/10

Penne Trufa Negra (26e) was recommended by our waiter. Also very well done, perfect flavor profile. Lots of quantity too. 10/10

Alcachofa Salteadas (22e) is an entree for vegetarians. Interesting combination with artichokes, we do not see in the US. 9/10

Ensalata Naranja (18e) or oranges with mustard sound weird but works. Vegetarian must. 9/10

Cochinillo Confitad (34e) or suckling pig had 2 large pieces with a slightly crisp skin and tender pig below. Large portion size. 8/10

Overall – Excellent. 90/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Excellent
Service – Very Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Yes

Ten Con Ten
Cl. de Ayala, 6
28001 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 75 92 54

Grupo Paraguas


Vega, Madrid Spain


Vega is a vegan restaurant in Madrid. So few of these spots are in the San Francisco area, yet so many over in Madrid. This is a small independent vegan restaurant as a opposed to chains like Honest Greens.

We found the starters stronger than the entrees. Service was good until the place filled up.

English menu available. One of the waiters spoke good English. Menu del dia has the best value each day with 3 items for one low price.

Food Picks:
Crushed potatoes with chimichurri and wasabi Mayonnaise (9.5e GF) was an excellent potato dish with the faux Mayonnaise being really decadent. 9/10

Burrata on black garlic aioli with truffle oil, tomatoes and almonds (9.5 GF) really takes like regular burrata. 9/10

Plato del dia (11.90e) Polenta, Dahl, Lemon tarte is a steal value-wise. Polenta had a nice crust, Dahl was a large portion, and the lemon tart okay. 8/10

Brochettes of heura and vegetables with satay sauce and sweet potato noodles (13.5e) was just ok. The Heura looks and tastes like chicken, but there weren’t made veggies on each skewer. Noodles were marginal. 6.5/10

Korma curry with heura, almonds, coconut and yogurt with basmati rice and pappadoum (13.5e) was a large solid curry dish. 8/10


Overall – Excellent. 84/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Excellent
Service – Very Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Yes

C. de la Luna, 9
28004 Madrid
910 70 49 69


Majo’s Street Food at Mercado Anton Martin Market, Madrid Spain


Majo’s Food is a food stall on the 2nd floor in the Mercado Antón Martín Market. This is a smaller and more local Mercado than the one everyone goes to. It has a lots of the usual fruit, vegetable, meat, etc stalls plus several restaurants including a hipster cheesecake spot CARACOLA TORTILLAS & CHEESECAKES. Also check out the artisan Mochi stand – Hanabusa pastelería japonesa on the ground floor near the door.

We stumbled on this place while looking around the market. They serve Italian – Columbian Food at very low prices. A super cheap meal that was fun and satisfying.

They have an English menu, but the waitress spoke limited English. Service was mostly drop and go with only 1 server.

Food Picks:
Cocktail Tropical Mango (8e) was smooth and almost like a juice with hidden kick. 9/10

Pina Loca (8e) was a Pina colada done pretty well, also pretty strong. 8.5/10

Sangria (5.50e) was full of fruit and on the fruity side. 8.5/10

Papitas Criollas (5e) or roasted potatoes are a full bowl with nicely cooked potatoes. 8/10

Chicharron (7e) is a must get if you like crispy porchetta. OMG, so good. Lots of meat too. 9.5/10

Ligera (8.50e) is a huge egg crepe cut in two. Big dish, great value. 8/10

Caprese (5.70e) is an arepa de maiz topped with mozzarella and tomatoes with a side salad. Well done, with a crispy crust and good cheese. 8.5/10

Overall – Very Good. 87/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Good
Service – Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Majo’s Food
Calle de santa isabel n.°5 Dentro del mercado Antón Martín Planta 1 local 36, a 39
28012 Madrid
633 12 58 99


Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid Spain


Chocolateria San Gines is the goto place for churros, having been established in 1894. Everyone goes there. (Well at least you know you should!) Locals come here at 4am after partying!

Chocolate con 6 churros o 2 porras 5,50e

The churros are crisp, eggless, and not coated with sugar or any other item unlike most of the ones in the USA. Eating it bare is fine but definitely not as good as dipping it. The chocolate is not as thick as we’ve had elsewhere. You can actually drink it without gagging. The chocolate is gluten free while the churros are not.

The second time we went, they suggested we use sugar after dipping in the chocolate. This made it much better!

  • Pro tip: The churros are not the best, the dipping chocolate rules!  You can repeat the experience at home by purchasing the bag of chocolate mix.  We bought some churros from Flores in San Francisco and found them 10x better! Pancho Villa and Costco are not up to this task.

Porras Ración de 2 (2e) are the lesser known big version. They look like Chinese ‘donuts’ or Yau tiu. These were not as good possibility because they were made a while ago.

Lines most of the day.. Order a the counter, pay, get seated and the food comes to you. Dip, chop, repeat.

They sell the chocolate mix in the store across the way.

Overall – Very Good. 83/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Yes

Chocolateria San Gines
Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5
28013 Madrid
913 65 65 46



Coque, Madrid, Spain


Coque is a very expensive (340e) 2 Michelin star restaurant in Madrid Spain. There are 5 total. (160e optional wine flight) It was the only one with reservations available, making it one splurge meal on our Spain trip. This spot is known for 3 Sandoval brothers running the elaborate restaurant with multiple settings for your meal. It opened in 2017.

Coque also has a Michelin green star for sustainability as most products are produced on their own local farm.

You start downstairs in the bar, then move to the wine cellar, sacristy, kitchen and then the dining room. People guide you up and down the elevator. 10 final courses in the dining room.

Even though the meal took about 3 hours, pacing was fairly close with few long pauses.

Service was excellent. Could not ask for much more. They anticipated all your needs, filled glasses, clean our crumbs away, etc.

The server understood English and they give you an English printout of your meal. There were times when we could barely understand what she said. No issues with dietary restrictions. Vegan/Vegetarian option available.

Food review:
We had the normal menu and the vegan menu.

This restaurant is definitely worthy of its two stars. The food is top notch as is the service. There were some courses that did not work. Breaking up the meal into several areas makes dinner much more interesting than sitting in the same chair for 3 hours. As with most Michelin starred tasting meals, it is all about the total experience, not just the food.

The vegan/vegetarian meal was just okay. It is geared more for allowing someone with dietary restrictions to dine with a person with an unrestricted diet. Our vegetarian meal at 1 star Encanto in Porto, Portugal was far better.


Coctel Coque Club Malfy Gin Bloody Mary sorbet – Weird.
Oyster with jalapeño and passion fruit

Wine Cellar

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut
Cockles with albariño Baby scallops with citrus fruit marinated


Fino Coque Bodegas Osborne Bull tartar with tree leaf
Nitro truffle of freeze-drying mushrooms


Wheatbeer Casimiro Mahou Chargrilled royal cucumber with aji pilpil
Suckling pig´s torrezno with peach

Dining Room

French bread was excellent as was their custom olive oil mix. Gluten free roll available.

Vegan option: – This course was the weakest of the night.
Tapioca with pinions milk
Tapioca with toasted cashew
Tapioca with almond and tarragon

Smoked red shrimp – Clean, fresh, sweet.

Sea urchin with callos sauce
Chilli crab with spicy american sauce

Vegan option:
Celeriac and walnuts ravioli
Avocado carpaccio with thai soup and coconut milk
Pickled fresh vegetables ceviche

Smoked milk truffle
Magnatum pico truffle fritter
White truffle with jowl and crystal peppers

Boletus stew with bearnaise sauce
Amanita caesarea with pil pil suckling lamb sauce
Pie azul mushroom with Iberian ham

Belly tuna with polyphenols
Smoked bone marrow gazpachuelo
Atún toro with pickled amontillado

Suckling pig with crispy skin – Crisp skin, tender meat – Ridiculously awesome.
Pork chop confit
Saam of trotter with lemon grass

Bull tendon demi-glace with red thistle
Marinated hare loin with black mole

Partridge stew with berries – Very well cooked poultry (squab?)

Pine meringue and milk foam
Sheep’s milk with blueberries
Chocolate crunchy with pecan nuts

Flambé blueberries with ice cream – Fun ending to the meal, watching the server prepare this.

Petit Fours of candied walnuts and chocolates.

Overall – Excellent – 95/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Excellent
Service – Excellent
Value – Fair

Would we come back – No

C. del Marqués del Riscal, 11
28010 Madrid
916 04 02 02


elka Obrador Sin Gluten

If you visit the monastery Monasterio de San Lorenzo, outside Madrid and are gluten free, besure to visit this bakery.  Everything is gluten free include empanadas and bread. Excellent quality and great service.

C. de la Reina Victoria, 14, local A

28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain


La Barraca, Madrid, Spain


La Barraca Madrid (4)

La Barraca is a long standing (Established 1935) Spanish restaurant focusing on paella in Madrid right near Grand Via. A person at a restaurant we dine at, recommended this spot for Paella. They use “Bomba” rice with OD. Valencia (from Valencia)

English menu available, server barely spoke any English. Online reservations

Service was brusque and almost drop and go.

Food Review:
Grilled Mushrooms with Prawns (15e) was cooked old school and over salted. 6/10

Baby Green Beans with Spanish Cured Ham and Onion (15e) had lots of oil, capers, and onions. Also pretty crude. 6/10

Octopus Tataki on Mashed Potato (17.50e) had 2 tender tentacles and a bed of salty mash potatoes. 7.5/10

Mixed Paella – Squid, mussel, grouper, king prawn, chicken and pork (19.50e x 2) for 2 was a huge portion. Very nice rice quality as was the various ingredients. Messy full body but fresh prawns. Note: They will not let you do half/half on paella. 8.5/10

Overall – Very Good – 84/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Fair
Value – Good

Would we come back – No

La Barraca
C. de la Reina, 29
28004 Madrid
915 32 71 54


Taberna Cava Baja 17, Madrid, Spain


Taberna Cava Baja 17 was the first stop on our Madrid Calle Cava Baja Tapas crawl. (Inspired by Rick Steves) It was hopping full of folks at 630pm, a bit odd for such an early hour. This is a larger spot with lots of tables and a long menu.

They have an English menu.

Service was okay, only a couple servers for the entire spot.

Food quality was good but not as good as the next two spots we visited. Prices are higher due to larger portion size, which sort of defeats the low cost tapa goal.

Food Review:
Tinto de verano (3.50e) cold, wine-based drink popular in Spain. It is similar to sangria and is typically made up of 1 part of table red wine and 1 part soda. This one hit the mark. 8/10

Patata Brava (8.90e) was a big plate and cooked well. 8.5/10

Flores de Alcachofa con jamón (13.90e) or artichokes with Jamon on top were okay, nothing special. 7/10

Overall – Good – 80/100
Food – Good
Decor – Good
Service – Fair
Value – Good

Would we come back – No

Taberna Cava Baja 17
C. de la Cava Baja, 17
28005 Madrid
647 79 83 00


Lamiak, Madrid, Spain


Lamiak Madrid (1)

Lamiak was the second stop on our Madrid Calle Cava Baja Tapas crawl. We hit it around 730pm. (Inspired by Rick Steves) 4.7 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. Low cost of their PINTXOS made this spot ideal. The place was packed. We had to wait for a table to open up. You can order drinks when standing. Come early to avoid the crowds.

Food Review:
BEEF STEW IN RED WINE WITH FRENCH POTATO PIE (3,80€) was recommended by the server. Huge hunk of tender meat along with the potato tartin. Great value. 9/10

CRISPY CORN TACO WITH CHICKEN AND VEGETABLES (3,80€) looks like a traditional Mexican taco with a ton of ingredients stuffed in. Well done. 9/10

OCTOPUS CARPACCIO WITH PARMENTIER AND TWO MOJOS (3,80€) was tender, flavorful and cheap. Wow. 9/10

Overall – Excellent – 90/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Good
Service – Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

C. de la Cava Baja, 42
28005 Madrid
913 65 52 12



Juana La Loca, Madrid, Spain


Juana La Loca Madrid (7)

Juana La Loca was the third stop on our Madrid Calle Cava Baja Tapas crawl. (Inspired by Rick Steves) Opened in 2001, it is on Infatuation’s 23 best place to eat & drink in Madrid. 4.7 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. It is a pintxos bar in the La Latin neighborhood. Reservations fill up well in advance. We did not have any, so we lined up 15 minutes before they opened and got seats at the bar. Everyone in line gets in, as the place fills up later in the evening. Being seated or standing at the bar, gives you the full experience.

English menu available on their website. Some servers speak English
The best bet is to stick to the cheaper pre-made tapas and not have to order.

You can have a drink and 2 tapas for under 20e (like locals) or spend a lot more on larger plates.
Be sure to check your bill. On one visit they forgot to charge us on one item, on another, they overcharged us. Delivery services available.

Food Review:
Tinto Verano (4e) was a very good version. Nice balance. 9/10

Copa Linaje Garsea (4e) was a house wine that would cost at least triple back in San Francisco. 8/10

Y C E B O LL A C O N FITADA (4.50e) O U R W O R L D F A M O U S J U I C Y P O T A T O ,
E G G S & C O N F I T O N I O N S P A N I S H
“TORTILLA” is their most popular dish. A crepe stuffed with potato, eggs and more, all on a French bread toast. We saw them empty the plate of these and refill it repeatedly. You can eat cheaply by getting this and the next item. 9/10

El Incredible Huevo (7.90e) or THE INCREDIBLE TRUFFLED CONFIT E G G W I T H M A R I N A T E D A R T I S A N “CHICHARRON” FROM C Á DIZ. Is a signature dish and hits the market. A lot of food for less than 8 euros. 9.5/10

Hatzu Tuna (24.50e) H A T Z U T U N A , R E D T U N A L O I N
S A N D W I C H , B R E A D E D W I T H P A N K O
TROUT EGGS is a beautiful fish sandwich. A must get if you are a fish lover. 9.5/10

Bruschetta de Mollej (17.80e) or G R I L L E D B E E F S W E E T B R E A D B R U S C H E T T A W I T H M E LT E D H A V A R T I CHEESE AND CHIMICHURRI was recommended by our server. A large dish that was well made but the weakest of the night. 8/10

Fajita de rabo de to (14.80e) or O X T A I L F A J I T A W I T H S U N D R I E D T O M A T O E S B A R B E C U E S A U C E , P R O V O L O N E , R O C K E T , P U F F E D R I C E A N D L I M E D R O P S was also recommended. Almost like a pita pocket filled with oxtail goodness. Nice textures and flavors. 9/10

Berenjenas Carpaccio (12.50e) or eggplant and zucchini was edible by vegans but not recommended. 7/10

Alcahofas Laminadas (10.50e) G R I L L E D A R T I C H O K E S ,
AND CONFIT GARLIC on top of toast. A decent vegetable dish, not very big. 8/10

Secreto Iberico SOB (20.80e) I B E R I C L O I N O F P O R K “ S E C R E T O ” ,
SOBRASADA, FRIED GERNIKA PEPPERS was well done pork belly on top of roasted green peppers. This dish took forever to come. 9/10

Mejillones al vapor (22.50e) Saturday/Sunday only – S T E A M E D M U S S E L S W I T H
W H I T E W I N E , C U R R Y C R E A M A N D
FRIES ON THE SIDE is a large dish full of mussels with a light Thai curry. 9/10

Volcan Dulce Leche (10.90) DULCE DE LECHE “VOLCANO” takes a while to come, cool chocolate cake filled with very sweet Carmel. Comes a la mode with coconut ice cream. 9/10

Overall – Excellent – 90/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Juana La Loca
Pl. de Prta de Moros, 4
28005 Madrid
913 64 05 25

Juanalaloca La Latina 2001


Honest Greens, Madrid, Spain

Honest Greens madrid (1)

Honest Greens is a regional fast casual chain with locations in several cities in Spain, Portugal that specializes in plant based cuisine but also caters to omnivores. Wish we had locations in the USA! There are several in Madrid. A line forms during peak hours.

Their motto:
Our food is real – it’s made in-house daily by us and is unprocessed, without additives, preservatives or refined sugars and is Organic whenever possible. We like to eat food that is local and responsibly sourced, which means we support nearby farmers, suppliers and artisans who use sustainable methods. We respect many varied diets and offer many dishes that are gluten-free, vegetarian, plant-based and paleo.

More than 90% of the products in Honest Greens are plant-based, but we do offer ethically sourced animal proteins that are served in reasonably sized portions and always accompanied by lots of fresh veggies.

You order online or at the counter and they buzz you when you food is ready. The interior is homey and nice. No hippie chic.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you must come here period.

English menu available. Most server speak some English.
Entire menu is Gluten Free with the exception of the artisan bread. No eggs.

Food Review:
Ben’s Sweets (4.50e) Hand cut, served with Beet Ketchup, plant-based
Aioli and coriander hit the spot. 9/10

Hummus of the week (2.90e) was a purple colored one but still tasted good. 8/10

Whole Roasted Cauliflower (6,90e) Charcoal-roasted in Jasper oven with tahini sauce, harissa, dukkah and herbs is huge, tender, steamed. Healthy. 8/10

Avocado Supergreen *improved PB (7,90e) Arugula, spinach, avocado, sautéed organic portobello mushrooms, beetroot, cherry tomato, cucumber, roasted pumpkin and carrot, poppy seeds, alfalfa & soy sprouts. With Balsamic dressing. Add ons Purple Broccoli, Baked boniato (2.90e each) is a tour de force of real vegetables. Many spots in Spain and Portugal go very lite on veggies, thank goodness for this place. 8.5/10

Velvet cupcake (3.50e) was better than expected. 8/10

Cauliflower Mocha Brownie (3.90e) left a lot to be desired. 6/10

Chocolate chip cookie guilt-free with Maldon salt (3.50e) is better than most gluten-free vegan ones, but not great. 7/10

Overall – Very Good – 86/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Honest Greens
C/ Gran Vía, 7
28013 Madrid
931 22 76 64


Mad Mad Vegan, Madrid, Spain


Mad Mad Vegan is an American Cuisine Vegan burger joint with burgers, fries, beer, etc. They have two locations and were pretty busy during lunch. Vegans have so many more options in Spain compared to the US.

QR code menu with English version. Server spoke a little English. Gluten free items clearly marked.

Food quality was very good. Carnivores won’t miss meat here.

Food Review:
Tinto Verano (3.50e) is half wine/half lemonade. Hidden potency. 7.5/10

Nachos Don Jalisco (11.50e GF + 1e for Beyond Ground Meat) Tortilla chips, black beans, Jalisco red sauce , minced meat, cheddar and
gouda melted cheese, pico de gallo and our delicious homemade guacamole with Beyond Ground Beef was a nice mound of nacho goodness. Quality of guac and cheese were fair. 7.5/10

The Mad Signature with regular fries (12.95e) is a popular item on the menu. With the sauce, pickles, etc. it is hard to tell it apart from a real burger. 8/10

Tiramisu (5.50e GF) Italian tiramisu with our organic 100% Arabica coffee, plant-based mascarpone and pure cocoa. It’s homemade. Has 2 nice layer but then a powdery bottom. 7.5/10

Overall – Good – 81/100
Food – Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Maybe

Mad Mad Vegan
C. de Lavapiés, 16
28012 Madrid


Food Hall Galeria Canalejas, Madrid, Spain


Galleria Canalejas Madrid (3)

Galeria Canalejas a high end luxury food court with 13 different restaurants, in the basement of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid. There were no reviews on Tripadvisor when we visited. This gourmet spot opened in late 2021. You can shop at Hermes and Cartier and then go downstairs to eat!

The Galería Canalejas Food Hall offers an extraordinary culinary journey with the best Spanish, international and fusion cuisine. Several chefs have Michelin starred restaurants. Julián Mármol , awarded with a Michelin star, will surprise you with his two new restaurants: Monchis and The Eight. For Castilian cuisine, you will be able to enjoy the dishes by Rubén Arnanz , a chef recognized with a Michelin star, in what is his first own project in the capital: 19.86.


Food Review:

Overall – Good – 81/100
Food – Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Maybe

Galeria Canalejas
Pl. de Canalejas, 1
28014 Madrid
911 08 56 06

Restaurant Map:

Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

Come Back?

Food Rating: (Very Good)
Service Rating: (Very Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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