Portugal – Restaurant Reviews

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Portugal – Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews and guide from our recent trip to Portugal in 2023. We visited Lisbon and Porto and loved it.

Our goals were to eat at authentic non-touristy places while fulfilling our wishes to try certain items. One of us is Vegan, so will see many options for vegans and vegetarians. Be sure to check out our review of Encanto, Portugal – The best vegetarian restaurant we’ve been to.

Portugal Restaurant Review Websites

Yelp is not useful for finding Portugal Restaurant reviews, Trip Advisor and Google Search are useful. The Fork is used to make many online reservations.

Porto Restaurant recommendations for the future, as suggested by a tour guide:

Buying a SIM card in Lisbon’s Airport 2023

We landed in Lisbon’s airport and wanted to get our data fix quickly! Wanting to take Uber and avoid possibly scammy taxi cabs, we entered baggage claim and immediately looked for a SIM card.

The Vodafone store is the only one right near the baggage claim. You do not need a passport to buy a SIM.

We bought a 30e unlimited data sim for our MiFi device. It only works in Portugal. They also sell SIM cards for smartphones that work in many countries.


Timeout Market, Lisbon


Timeout market lisbon portugal (1)

Timeout Market is one of this food court spots that everyone goes to. We saw it featured on Who is Feeding Phil and new we had to come. We expected a cross between San Francisco’s Ferry Building and a sampling of local cuisine. It is about what we thought it would be. A loud mash up providing a good introduction to local food. We tried to eat at the places with the longest lines. The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid was far better.

Note: The outer local market with fruits, veggies, flowers closes earlier than the posted signs. Come in the morning.

Pasteis De Nata Artesanais

A nice place to sample the ever present Portuguese Custard Tarts. (1.50e) Very good but to hot out of the oven. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar to top it off.

Henrique Sa Pessoa
Cozinha de Chef

Bifana Leitao (15e) crispy suckling port sandwich. 2.50e more for a meal with drink and dessert.
A nice brioche bun filled with chopped pig, including lots of crunchy skin. Side of freshly fried potato chips. 8.5/10

Next door to Henrique

Seafood with 2 medium sized shrimp, mussels, calamari in a tomato broth. Fresh but a little on the flavor lacking side. 7/10

Timeout Market, Lisbon
Av. 24 de Julho 49
1200-479 Lisboa
21 060 7403


Lisboa Tu & Eu, Lisbon


Lisboa Tu & Eu is tucked away small Portuguese restaurant up a steep set of stairs from an alley near our hotel. We were looking for a nearby informal spot for a small dinner and this fit the bill.
Graphitti all over the walls, small wooden tables, loud rock music this was definitely ‘rustic’.

Short concise menu. English menu available. Service was very good from a waiter who understood English and dietary requirements. They even capped the dinner off with a shot of Port! Cash only.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2023, we visited them for dining.
Safety Pluses – Online menu, phone ordering, outdoor dining.

Food review:
Mojito (7e) was better than 90% of the ones we’ve had. 9/10

Bread and Olives (2.50e) was largely forgettable. Bread was good for dipping in the sauces. 6/10

Bulhao Pato Clams (12.50e) was a large plate of fresh, small clams in a slightly sour broth. Lots of shells, not much meat, but worthy. 8/10

Squid Tentacles with potatoes (12.50e) was also a huge portion of quid and nicely done potatoes. Would cost triple in the US. 8.5/10

Mushroom Rice (5e) is a healthy dish for vegans and well done. 8/10

Spinach Puree (6e) was also a healthy spinach dish with liquified veggies. 8/10


Overall – Very Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Lisboa Tu & Eu
Escadinhas das Portas do Mar, 4
1100-410 Lisbon Portugal
919 485 256




Silva e Feijoo

Silva e Feijoo sells Lisbon’s famed canned seafood. We saw a place pictured at Timeout market, but it was no longer there. We bumped into this spot. They feature a ton of different cans. Be sure to stop here if you are a fan. While you can buy canned seafood from a convenience store for 1/10 the price, I doubt the quality is the same.

Lisboa Bacalhau (12e), Mexilhão (7.80e), Gambas (18e), Polvo (15.80e)

Silva e Feijoo
R. de São Nicolau 52, 1100-549 Lisboa
916 487 225


Augusto Lisboa


Augusto Lisbon Portugal (3)

Augusto Lisboa is a casual healthy food brunch focused cafe up the hill from the waterfront and on the way to the nearby Castelo de São Jorge. The place is fairly busy, mainly tourists. It has a funky vibe and good service.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2023, we visited them for dining.
Safety Pluses – Front door open.

Food review:
Portuguesinha Salad (11e) features local cheese, pear, green apple, nice toasted country bread and lots of greens, walnuts. 8.5/10

Hug Big (6.50e) is a pudding with warm apple, pear, porridge. Refreshing. 9/10

Tropical Big (6.50e) with seasonal base made with mango and melon. 9/10

Lemonade (4e) is house made with citrus, mint and not too tart. 8/10

Matcha Mania Smoothie (6e) is green and thick. Lots of flavor. 8/10

Overall – Very Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Augusto Lisboa
R. de Santa M.nha 26
1100-491 Lisboa


Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon


Cervejaria Ramiro Lisbon Portugal (1)

Cervejaria Ramiro is a popular seafood restaurant having been featured on Who is feeding Phil and other shows. It just located near Lisbon’s ‘Chinatown’ area.
Cervejaria means beer hall typically with raw bar.

Folks should make reservations else you need to wait in the long line. Yes this is big tourist spot. Didn’t spot anyone that looked local.
You need to leave a deposit with your reservation. Thankfully we ordered enough to fulfill out 75e deposit.

The menu is scanned from a QR code and is available in English. The server spoke English. We tried to avoid the very expensive items like lobster and crab. Amazing they have no vegetables or salad. It is a wonder how these peole stay healthy. Very low prices on beer and other drinks.

This is a one and done spot. I’m sure there are other places that do seafood cheaper and better, but this place has it down to a science.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2023, we visited them for dining.
Safety Pluses – Online menu, take out.

Food review:
D Pao c/Manteiga (3.44e) is literally pushed on everyone. They put it on your table after you sit down. Nice charred bread with lots of butter. 8/10

Carabineiros (0.160kg 14.502e) are small mini shrimp steamed. Very salty! 6/10

Camarao Espinho (0.1kg 8.25e) or scarlet shrimp are also a must order. They are priced per 1 kg, so it appears pricey, but we ordered a single one. They are cut up table side. Very sweet meat without all the butter and garlic of the other dishes. 9/10

Aguillo Especial (26.76e) is similar to Shrimps on garlic sauce (13.49e) but uses larger prawns and includes the head. This was the best dish of the night. Nice firm meat plus the crisp head could be crunched down. 9/10

Ameijoas Bulhao (14.49e) or clams on garlic, butter, shallow had lots of fresh small clams cooked in a flavorful broth. Lots of shells and not a lot of meat, but a good price. 8.5/10

Overall – Very Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Very Good
Value – Fair

Would we come back – No

Cervejaria Ramiro
Av. Alm. Reis 1 H
1150-007 Lisboa
21 885 1024




Mercado Oriental, Lisbon


Mercado Oriental is literally a food court building in the ‘Chinatown’ area of Lisbon full of restaurant stalls and a Chinese grocery store downstairs. Asian Time Out hall? Vietnamese, Korean, Sushi, Chinese and more. Very busy spot with lots of young folks. Hard to get a table!

We had a quick snack at the Shanghai Chinese stall all the way in the back.
If you are jonesing for Asian cuisine, come here.

Food review:
Stir fried bok choy, and Scallion pancakes (11.40e) hit the spot. 7.5/10

Overall – Very Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Good
Service – Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

Mercado Oriental
R. Palma 41
Lisboa 1100-390 Portugal
+351 962 733 482




Chickinho, Lisbon

Chickinho is a fast casual eatery in the arts LX Factory shopping district. We stopped for a quick lunch. English menu available. Most spots have minimal trip advisor reviews

Food review:
Grilled chicken Salad (9e) was a good sized fresh salad with crispy tortilla chips on top. Lightly dressed. 7.5/10

Grilled corn on the cob (3.10e) had a funny flavor to it. 6/10

Chicken Legs (7.50e) were nicely done and juicy. 8/10

Tomato salad (2.50e) hits the spot for vegans. 8/10

Grilled vegetables (3e) was a skewer of several items. Also good for vegans. 8/10

Overall – Good
Food – Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Maybe

Rua Rodrigues de Faria – 103 LX Factory
Lisbon 1300-501 Portugal
+351 21 011 4410



Encanto, Lisbon

Encanto is a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon with one Michelin star from star chef José Avillez. We have no vegetarian restaurant with this rank back in San Francisco, so we had to give it a try. You can book online, they have a single 12 course tasting menu that is also available in English. Our server spoke English too.

Legumes, leaves, seeds, algae, mushrooms, flowers, fruits, eggs, and cheeses are delicately prepared and served.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2023, we visited them for dining.
Safety Pluses – Online menu.

At 115 €, prices are not cheap but most restaurants of this caliber in San Francisco cost far more than this. Even cocktails and glasses of wine are cheaper here.

Food quality was excellent, possibly 2 Michelin star level to us. Inventive, complex, beautiful, and simply delectible. Only 1 dish resembled a plate of veggies. Pacing was good as was quantity. They easily handle a vegan gluten free meal.

Service was excellent. No worries about dietary restrictions, water refills, etc. Clearly Michelin star level service.

Food Review:
Mojito à Cantinho (9.5e) Rum Havana Club Añejo Especial, Lima, Hortelã, Ingrediente Secreto hit the mark. Most mojitos cost more and lack the qualify of this one. 9/10

A Nossa Caipirinha (8e) Cachaça, Lima was also spot on. Great balance. 9/10

Primo Basílico (11e) Gin Beefeater 24, Limão, Manjericão was a green cocktail with nice white foam topping. Wow, another spot on cocktail. 9/10

Copo Vinho Antonio Maderia B (9.50e) is a Portuguese wine that they suggested. Not as dry as other wines. 8.5/10

Agustina sem alcool (7e) is their Mushroom tea that is part of the non-alcohol drink pairing. They allowed us to ordered this alone. 8.5/10

Pumpkin | Wild mushrooms escabeche (vinegar marinade) | Sprouts
Satay peanut | Paprika | Lemon
Eggplant azevia (fried pastry with soft filling) | Pimenton de La Vera | Lemon
Bean | Avocado | Leche de tigre | Flowers
Gold | Hummus

The first Amuse dish was amazing with 5 different items, meant to be eaten clockwise. A variety of textures and flavors. The gold hummus looks like a chocolate but is eaten with the gold leaf. 10/10

Carrot tartlet | Pine nut milk

A tiny carrot based tart which you take a bite of, then a sip of pine nut milk. Love that milk. 8.5/10

Spelt bread | Smoked butter | Sage ashes

Good House made bread with a slightly smokey butter. 8.5/10 – Gluten free bread and olive oil also available.

Celery | Truffle | Ajoblanco | Tonburi | Grape
Beetroot | Sweet potato | Dijon
Confit egg yolk | Jerusalem artichoke | Bean broth | Truffle

Green curry | Green vegetables | Green citrus

This dish was the only one that resembles ‘regular’ veggies with a slight hint of curry. 8.5/10

Cabbage | Onion kernels | Mustard seeds | Ilha cheese

This dish with its fermented cabbage lagged behind other dishes. 7.5/10

Rice | Black truffle | Daikon | Sheep butter

The black rice is made with charcoal. It also takes the place of squid ink. Rice risotto like dish. 9/10

Mushrooms | Leek | Puff pastry

A more elaborate dish with a puff pastry full of mushroom along with mushroom broth. 8.5/10

Rice pudding | Amazake | Pear | Grape must | Almond | Bergamot

The pre-dessert was heavier than we though it would be. This dessert had a lot of complexity with its flavor profiles. 9.5/10

Meringue | Pinetree crème | Kumquat
Rabanada | Pomegranate | Jerusalem artichoke

The final dessert had a lot of Jerusalem artichoke. Surprisingly refreshing sorbet and chips. The Meringue had cheese between the layers. 9/10

We finished the meal with complimentary petit fours, which included some rich chocolates shaped as stones.

Overall – Excellent
Food – Excellent
Decor – Excellent
Service – Excellent
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Yes

Largo de São Carlos 10
1200-410 Lisboa
21 162 6310


Casa Piriquita, Sintra


Everyone goes to Casa Piriquita in Sintra (Established 1862) to buy legendary Travesseiros da Casa Piriquita and Queijiadas. Few know there is a larger Piriquita II location up the hill with no line. If you ask us, these are overrated, but everyone has to try this spot. Their chocolate truffles taste far better.




Taberna Moderna, Lisbon

Taberna Moderna is a modern Portuguese restaurant near the harbor. The interior is cool and modern, but the food was hit or miss. English menu available. 4.5 stars and over 1000 reviews on Tripadvisor, so we expected more than we got.

Food review:
Complimentary bread and tomatoes. We thought they would charge us!

Puerto India (12e) or Gin and tonic was customized by our personal preference. Not a heavy alcohol presence. 7/10

CEVICHE DE ROBALO E SALMÃO (22e) BASS, SALMON, RED ONION, CORIANDER is a highly recommended dish here. It his the spot with fresh seafood. 9/10

ARROZ PARIS COM ABÓBORA (18e) CREAMY RICE, PARIS CHAMPIGNONS. PUMPKIN. PUMPKIN CHORIZO – vegan with cheese on the side. A reasonable risotto dish, thick and rich. Not much pumpkin flavor. 8/10

PLUMAS DE PORCO PRETO (28e) TENDER BLACK PORK MEAT WITH FRITES AND PEPPERS was over salted. Meat quality was fine. 6/10

Overall – Good
Food – Good
Decor – Excellent
Service – Very Good
Value – Fair

Would we come back – No

Taberna Moderna
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 18
1100-070 Lisboa (Historical Centre)
+351 218 865 039



Nono Hong Kong, Lisbon


Nono Hong Kong is a Chinese restaurant in the touristy area of Lisbon that we ran into. We looked forward to some post dinner veggies and stopped here.

Food Picks:
Broccoli (8e) or just a plate of steamed veggies is surprisingly hard to find here. This one fit the bill just fine. Cooked just right. 8.5/10

Napa Cabbage (8e) was also cooked spot on. 8/10

Sesame Balls (3e) were 3 tiny ones fresh and hot out of the oven. Slightly overcooked. 7/10

Overall – Very Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Excellent
Service – Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Yes

Nono HK
R. da Vitoria 69 71
Lisbon 1100-618 Portugal
351 21 346 2999



Gruta, Porto, Portugal


Gruta Porto Portgual (5)

Gruta is a small Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant in Porto, Portugal. We dined here due to the rating and the nice mix of Portuguese dishes. They have an English menu, although the Portuguese menu had items that were not on the English one! The waiters spoke English just fine and worked around dietary restrictions.

Service was very good, no worries about flagging down servers, recommendations, etc.

Food Review:
PORTO TONIC (7,00 €) is an interesting cocktail. Slight bitter port flavor with some bubbles. 8.5/10

COUVERT (3,00€) Homemade olive oil focaccia, seaweed butter, tapenade, and fish rillettes. (Per pax.). was an excellent dish. Really well made bread and dips. 9.5/10

KNIFE SHRIMP IN SALSA VERDE (13,00€) Fresh shrimp sautéed in a parsley, coriander, olive oil, pepper, and garlic sauce was not on the English menu. Better than we had at Ramiro in Lisbon. 9.5/10

OCTOPUS CARPACCIO (14,00€) Thin slices of octopus, green salad and citrus vinagrette had lots of very thinly sliced octopus topped with a bunch of greens. 9/10

FISH MOQUECA (22,00€) Traditional Brazilian-style fish stew with dendê oil, coconut milk, peppers, and tomatoes. It is served with basmati rice and cashew nuts, and farofa (Brazilian roasted cassava flour). Had 2 pieces, 1 was fine, the other overcooked. Looks better than it tastes. 7/10

SEA RICE (22,00€) Portuguese Carolino rice, seafood broth is a seafood risotto with shrimp, clams, and more. Not fishy or too creamy. 8.5/10

ORGANIC BEETROOT RISOTTO (18,00€) Creamy beet risotto, pickled beets and goat cheese foam was a rich textured risotto that barely tasted like beats. 9/10

PANACOTTA (5,00€) Panacotta with the scent of cardamom and tangerine compote was a thick pan cotta with nice fruit accents and some crunchy bits. 9/10

Complimentary pistachio chocolates.

Overall – Excellent 90/100
Food – Excellent
Decor – Excellent
Service – Very Good
Value – Excellent

Would we come back – Yes

R. de Santa Catarina 447
4000-452 Porto
911 017 007



Mercado do Bolhao, Porto, Portugal


Mercado do Balhao Porto (2)

This Mercado is brand new and looks great. A must visit for anyone into food. Curated food stalls with just a couple for each category: fruits & vegetables, dried fruit, bakeries, fish markets, desserts, liquor, etc.

Cooking classes upstairs and eventually some restaurants. Open 8am-8pm, closed Sundays.

R. Formosa 322

4000-248 Porto, Portugal

+351 22 332 6024



Cafeina, Porto, Portugal


Cafeina is a Continental cuisine restaurant in Porto, Portugal. It is located away from tourist areas, so mostly locals were dining. This place has a lot of reviews on Tripadvisor but few on Yelp. The food was a change of pace from all the Portuguese we were eating.

Food, on the most part, by US standards was slightly above average. Our tour guide said Cafeina’s best days were perhaps 5-10 years ago.

Service was sluggish. The waiter came back after long pauses. Manual water fills. We got repeatedly asked is everything okay from folks!

Food Review:
Smoked Salmon Fait Maison (13,50 €) Sunomono and Mustard Seed Pickles had lots of thinly sliced salmon with crisp bread. 8/10

Seared Scallops (13,40 €) Smoked Duck Breast, Shallots Purée and Lemon Gel was a pretty average version with small scallops. 6.5/10

Foie Gras Mi Cuit Fait Maison (14,80 €) Pomegranate, Port Wine and Brioche was a welcome dish with so few in San Francisco having Foie. Very smooth with interesting pomegranate kernels. 8.5/10

Aubergine Steak (16,50 €) Aubergine aka eggplant, Smoked Tomato Cream, Parmesan Sauce and Vegetables Jus was perfect for vegetarians. Interesting preparation. 8.5/10

Tiger Prawn (27,90 €) Flambeed Tiger Prawns, Artisanal Tagliolini with Prawn Butter was the best dish of the night. Two huge prawns with some spaghetti like pasta. 9/10

Duck Magret (22,80 €) Sliced Duck Magret and his Baked Rice With Sauteed Mushrooms was better than expected. Looked slightly pale and was slightly over salted. 8/10

Roasted Vegetables (3e) was a small dish but a must get as the entrees did not include any! 7.5/10

Overall – Very Good. 82/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Excellent
Service – Fair
Value – Good

Would we come back – No

Rua do Padrão 100
4150-557 Porto
22 610 8059



Brasao Coliseu, Porto, Lisbon


Brasao Coliseu Porto Portugal (11)

Brasao Coliseu is a popular gastropub in Porto, Lisbon. Reserve ahead or line up. The focus is on crafts beers, traditional francesinha, Portuguese snacks and steaks. Our tour guide recommended with try this restaurant. These folks run several restaurants with similar menus.

There is an English menu and the waiters speak English well. Folks with dietary requirements can have the waiter examine their detailed guide.

Service was solid. Lots of waiters circling even with such a busy restaurant.

Food Picks:
Couvert is on the table when you sit down 1.80e per person. We declined and they took it away.

White sangria (6.70) is a huge glass, complete with lots of fruit. 8.5/10

Meat Croquette (2.70) is another signature item. Deep fried goodness, stuffed with meat. 8.5/10

One Fried Onion “e já foste!” (8.50) is their version of a Blooming Onion. Not battered, this is more purse fried onion that a crispy mess. 8/10

“Francesinha” in the Oven (11,10€ for 1/2) is the classic to try here and not some random spot. Still pretty massive, no need to order the full sized on. It is made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat, and covered with melted cheese and a hot and thick spiced tomato and beer sauce. Nice sauce and cheese. The server suggested we order fries. 8.5/10

Steak with onion sauce (24) for a Filet version. Medium rare is very rare! Big hunk of meat that was decent but not exceptional. Great value for the price. Hot potato chips on the side. 8/10

Salada Laranja – orange and mustard salad (3.50) is orange and mustard salad. Not really gross, actually nice combo. 8/10

Salada Mistura (3.20) is a mixed salad. Pretty typical. 7/10

Sautéed Turnip Greens (3) is a nice bowl of pea shoots. 8/10

Overall – Very Good. 84/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Excellent
Service – Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Maybe

Brasao Coliseu
R. de Passos Manuel 205
4000-385 Porto
931 989 364


Boa Bao, Porto, Lisbon


Boa Bao is a pan Asian restaurant in Porto, Lisbon with a beautiful interior. We wanted some Asian food and this fit the bill. Fun atmosphere with Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and a lot more cuisines are represented. They have locations in Lisbon and Barcelona. English menu available. Allergens all clearly listed. Vegan and gluten free options available.

Service was fair. Almost drop and go.

Classic Pork belly Gua bao (6.25) has a slight kick, but is very messy and falls apart. Decent Quality. 8/10

Hanoi Pho (14.50e) was an average version, good enough to scratch and itch. Don’t expect true 12 hour broth pho. 7.5/10

Thai Green Curry with Chicken (17.25e) was pretty darn spicy but featured a good flavor profile. We got it with sticky rice 8.5/10

Glass Noodle Salad with shrimp (15.90e) is even more spicy. Not a lot of noodles. Average shrimp. 7.5/10

Steamed eggplant (3.75) was in a nice bamboo steamer. Fairly soft. 7/10

Black Sesame dumpling dessert (6.75e) is a nice Asian dessert. Tender balls in silky coconut milk. 8.5/10

Overall – Very Good. 82/100
Food – Very Good
Decor – Excellent
Service – Good
Value – Very Good

Would we come back – Maybe

Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 30
1200-369 Lisboa
919 023 030

Restaurant Map:

Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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