Coque, Madrid, Spain



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Madrid, CA 28010

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Coque, Madrid, Spain

Coque (coal in Spanish) is a very expensive (340€) 2 Michelin star restaurant in Madrid Spain. There are five total Two star spots in this great city. (Available 160€ optional wine pairing)

It was the only two star spot with reservations available, making it a default splurge meal on our Spain trip. Yelp only has 5 reviews, Trip Advisor gives it a 4.5 with 400+ reviews. This spot is known for 3 Sandoval brothers running the elaborate restaurant with multiple settings for your meal. It opened in 2017 in a location that used to be a disco.

  • Coque also has a Michelin Green Star for sustainability as most products are produced on their own nearby farm.

You start downstairs in the bar, then move to the wine cellar, sacristy, kitchen and then the dining room. People guide you up and down the elevator. 10 final courses in the dining room.

Even though the meal took about 3 hours, pacing was fairly close with few long pauses.

Service was beyond excellent. Could not ask for much more. They anticipated all your needs, filled glasses, clean our crumbs away, etc.

The server understood English and they give you an English printout of your meal. There were times when we could barely understand what she said. No issues with dietary restrictions. Vegan/Vegetarian option available.

Food review:
We had the normal menu and their vegan menu.

This restaurant is definitely worthy of its two stars. The food is top notch as is the service. There were some courses that did not work. Breaking up the meal into several areas makes dinner much more interesting than sitting in the same chair for 3 hours. As with most Michelin starred tasting meals, it is all about the total experience, not just the food.

The vegan/vegetarian meal was just okay. It is geared more for allowing someone with dietary restrictions to dine with a person with an unrestricted diet. Our vegetarian meal at 1 star Encanto in Porto, Portugal was far better.

Coque Madrid interior inside bar

Coque Madrid oyster

You start downstairs in the bar area. They had a video going in the room next to us. We never were taken to watch it.

Coctel Coque Club Malfy Gin Bloody Mary sorbet – Weird.
Oyster with jalapeño and passion fruit

Wine Cellar

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut
Cockles with albariño Baby scallops with citrus fruit marinated

Coque Madrid sacristy fino


Fino Coque Bodegas Osborne Bull tartar with tree leaf
Nitro truffle of freeze-drying mushrooms

Coque Madrid Kitchen royal cucmber


Wheatbeer Casimiro Mahou Chargrilled royal cucumber with aji pilpil
Suckling pig´s torrezno with peach

Dining Room

French bread was excellent as was their custom olive oil mix. Gluten free roll available.

Vegan option: – This course was the weakest of the night.
Tapioca with pinions milk
Tapioca with toasted cashew
Tapioca with almond and tarragon

Coque Madrid smoked red shrimp

Smoked red shrimp – Clean, fresh, sweet.

Coque Madrid tableside beverage

Tableside Beverage Preperation

Sea urchin with callos sauce
Chilli crab with spicy american sauce

Vegan option:
Celeriac and walnuts ravioli
Avocado carpaccio with thai soup and coconut milk
Pickled fresh vegetables ceviche

Coque Madrid truffle jowl

Smoked milk truffle
Magnatum pico truffle fritter
White truffle with jowl and crystal peppers

Boletus stew with bearnaise sauce
Amanita caesarea with pil pil suckling lamb sauce
Pie azul mushroom with Iberian ham

Belly tuna with polyphenols
Smoked bone marrow gazpachuelo
Atún toro with pickled amontillado

Suckling pig with crispy skin – Crisp skin, tender meat – Ridiculously awesome.
Pork chop confit
Saam of trotter with lemon grass

Bull tendon demi-glace with red thistle
Marinated hare loin with black mole

Partridge stew with berries – Very well cooked poultry (squab?)

Pine meringue and milk foam
Sheep’s milk with blueberries
Chocolate crunchy with pecan nuts

Coque Madrid flambe dessert

Flambé blueberries with ice cream – Fun ending to the meal, watching the server prepare this.

Petit Fours of candied walnuts and chocolates.

Whoa, what a meal – ah journey. A bit too long in our opinion.

Restaurant Map:

Coque Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

Come Back?

Food Rating: (Excellent)
Service Rating: (Excellent)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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