La Boqueria, Barcelona


The must go to food market in Barcelona!

La Boqueria is the food market in Central Barcelona, right off the touristy Las Ramblas boulevard. This is a must visit spot for all folks vacationing here. Prices of course are not cheap.

The locals have slowly been pushed away. Santa Caterina’s Market in Barcelona is much more focused on the locals.

The market is pretty large and focuses on tourists with restaurants and lots of food that is ready to eat.  After walking around, we found a couple themes:

  • Jamon shops
  • Fruit stands with juices
  • Seafood stalls
  • Candy and Nut stores
  • Restaurants

We recommend you venture deep into the market, away from the busy stands near the main entrance. Also beware of pick pockets!

Recommend restaurants:

  • Bar Pinotxo
  • El Quim
  • Kiosko Universal
  • Bar Central

Our perfect lunch here:

  • Top grade acorn fed 5J Jamon
  • Pre-cut melon
  • Baguette
  • Glass of wine

Any other tips?

Restaurant Map:

Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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