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Xiringuito Escriba, Barcelona – Beachfront Paella

Escriba Barcelona Exterior decor

Xiringuito Escriba is a beachfront paella restaurant that several people recommended to us. The Yelp reviews are not good, so we were worried. To its credit, the restaurant was pretty full by 8pm, while others nearby where not. The posted hours show that it opens at 7pm, but we found people eating there before this. (No doubt foreigners like us!) Any restaurant that has such a good view is always red flagged by us.

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Mercado de Santa Caterina, Barcelona

Where the locals go in Barcelona!

Mercado de Santa Caterina is a food market in Central Barcelona where mostly locals go to do their everyday shopping.

The market is not very large and focuses on locals. There is not a lot of ready to eat food or Restaurants, unlike the other main market.  After walking around, we found it very different than La Boqueria of Barcelona.  Not very crowded which allowed for more interaction especially with Jamon sellers.

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La Boqueria, Barcelona

The must go to food market in Barcelona!

La Boqueria is the food market in Central Barcelona, right off the touristy Las Ramblas boulevard. This is a must visit spot for all folks vacationing here. Prices of course are not cheap.

The locals have slowly been pushed away. Santa Caterina’s Market in Barcelona is much more focused on the locals.

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