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Sichuan Impression

13816 Red Hill Ave

Tustin, CA 92780


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Great Sichuan Spicy food in the OC.

Sichuan Impression Tustin exterior decor

Sichuan Impression in Tustin, Orange County is the second outpost of the spicy restaurant, the others are in Alhambra and Los Angeles. We at in the LA one near UCLA in 2019. This location is located in a plain jane strip mall near Highway 5. It was recommended to us as probably the top Sichuan restaurant in the OC. Also checkout our review of nearby J Zhou, Tustin for dim sum.

Sichuan Impression Tustin interior decor

A nice looking interior and very good food make this a no brainer for fans of Sichuan Cuisine. The waiters speak English and there are lots of pictures on the menu.

Service: Pretty typical Chinese restaurant service. Drop and go, flag for bill, etc. Waiter did help us select dishes.

Some of the names on the menu are hilarious: Impressive Sausage, Street Corner Potato Strips, Toothpick mutton. Come on guys! The menu is pretty wide ranging but clearly focused on spicy Sichuan food.

Food Picks:

Sichuan Impression Tustin Green tea dates

Green Tea with red dates and logan drink ($4.99) was a common drink on other tables, so we had to try it. A hot drink with strong date flavor.

Honey Ice Tea ($3.99) was more of a standard Nestea kind of drink.

Sichuan Impression Tustin Qiao Jiao Leshan Combination Beef Soup_

Qiao Jiao Leshan Combination Beef Soup ($19.99) is a long boiled soup with very good flavor. Lots of chopped melon and slices of meat.

Sichuan Impression Tustin Boiled Fish with rattan pepper

Boiled Fish with Rattan pepper ($13.99) was pretty hot, numbing, and included a ton of tender white fish chunks. Highly recommended.

Sichuan Impression Tustin lamb on toothpicks

Lamb on Toothpicks ($16.99) was a nice looking dish full of cleaning looking lamb, coated in cumin and other spices, thick chunks speared by toothpicks. Medium spiciness and plentiful in quantity. These were a bit hard to remove from the toothpicks.

Stir fried Cumin Lamb ($20.99) was even spicier but a little bland.

Maocai ($19.99) is an interesting Sichuan stew dish with lots of meats (Spam, Prawns, tripe), Cauliflower, Potato, Bamboo shoots, and seaweed. You sort of get the whole kitchen sink.

Sichuan Impression Tustin fried rice cakes

Fried Rice Cakes with Black Sugar ($6.99) was a dessert we had not seen in a long time. Tender rice cakes with an nice sweet black dressing. Yum.

Sichuan Impression Tustin mustard green leaves

Mustard Green Leaves ($10.99) looked pretty plain, but did the job of giving us some veggie balance.

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Sichuan Impression Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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