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Armadillo Willys

2260 Bridgepoint Parkway

Foster City, CA 94404


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Armadillo Willys exterior decor

Armadillo Willys is a local BBQ restaurant with 8 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was started in 1988 and offers ‘real Texas barbecue’ cooked over a wood fire. We were in the shopping center and decided to give it another try so we could more fairly gauge other BBQ restaurants. We visited the Foster City location.

Armadillo Willys Interior

Decor, Vibe – Big colorful murals on the wall, along with flat screen TVs showing sports. Lots of families and groups eating here.

Armadillo Willys BBQ Sauce

Famous BBQ Sauce

Their barbecue sauce taste like tomato sauce with a bit of sugar, vinegar, and a little zesty in it.  Pretty marginal stuff.


They have a pretty extensive menu with salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and BBQ. There are combination and special deals on most days.

Web site menu


OK: (Order only if you really like this dish)

Armadillo Willys wet ribs pulled pork

2 way combo with Sweet Willy’s Wet Ribs and Memphis pulled pork ($15.95) included a good portion of meaty ribs cooked in their sauce. The ribs were average, utilized normal meat, and not very tender. Pulled pork was very smoky and dry.  BBQ Sauce is now warmed up for folks.  Beans had meat bits yet were still bland.  Toast was not very crunchy or buttery.

Armadillo Willys ribs chicken combo

The 3-Way Combo (Texas BBQ Ribs, 1/4 Chicken, & Brisket) ($18.95) came with Beef Brisket and 2 sides (Green Salad and Willy’s Chili Beans) It was a good sized platter with a fair amount of each item. The ribs were fine but did not taste like high quality beef. Had to eat them with BBQ sauce to make them acceptable.
The brisket and chicken were pretty dry, necessitating drowning them in BBQ sauce. The salad was average, but the pinto beans tasted lukewarm and not very good. The Texas toast was good, wish there was more.

Armadillo Willys ribs

Kids BBQ Texas Ribs ($4.95) comes with 3 ribs, fries, and a soda. Pretty good deal. Same ribs the adults get. On our last visit we only got 2 ribs.


Not much service, you have to get your silverware, drinks, and you get your food yourself, when the buzzer rings. The food is average at best. It wouldn’t be hard to find a better BBQ place, try Mack’s smoked barbecue in San Carlos, Memphis Mini’s in San Francisco or Everett and Jones in Oakland.
As we emerged from Armadillo Willys, we realized that our clothes now smelled like we’d been to a BBQ joint. AAA members get a discount, so flash your card.

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Armadillo Willys Overall Rating: (Average 1.5)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Prices:$6.95 - $21.95

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  • Tim Joseph
    January 5, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Well, I have a problem with your review for several reasons. First, the “ribs didn’t taste like high quality beef,” …come on, that’s too easy, unless you order BEEF RIBS, your ribs are made out of PORK! So, your BBQ street cred. is shot right there. But, then you go on to say you had to “drown the ribs in BBQ sauce,” again, no BBQ pro drowns anything in sauce. You use the sauce for a layer of flavor to the dry rub and smoke, not to add moisture. You should probably stick to your propane “BBQ” and leave the serious stuff to us pros. I’m from out of town and gave this place a try. I was pretty impressed. They are getting most things right.

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