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Little Shanghai, San Mateo

Little Shanghai Restaurant, San Mateo

Best Shanghainese Chinese restaurant in San Francisco? Little Shanghai Restaurant is a family run Shanghainese Chinese Restaurant in San Mateo near the San Mateo Fairgrounds. They have the usual Americanized Chinese dishes along with a fair amount of Traditional Shanghai dishes not served in most restaurants. Our last visit was in Spring 2023 for takeout.

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Shanghai Flavor Shop, Sunnyvale

Shanghai Flavor Shop Sunnyvale Exterior

Shanghai Flavor Shop is an inexpensive restaurant in a second rate strip mall. This diamond in the rough is located in sleepy Sunnyvale, and specializes in Shanghainese Chinese cuisine. To the right of this restaurant is the popular Indian Buffet: Sankranti

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Dumpling Kitchen Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Dumpling Kitchen San Francisco exterior decor

Why did we dine here? – Dumpling Kitchen is a Shanghai, Chinese restaurant in the outer Sunset of San Francisco. We are big dumpling fans, and heard that they had some worthy candidates. The person who runs this restaurant is the brother of a former owner of Shanghai Dumpling King. Last visit was in March 2015. This place is busy on the weekends.

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Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

Best xiao long bao in San Francisco?

Shanghai Dumpling King San Francisco Interior

Shanghai Dumpling King is a Shanghainese Chinese restaurant in San Francisco’s outer Richmond district. It was recently featured on Check Please. They have a weekday lunch rice plate special menu. Our latest visit was in 2013, after 4 years. We were in search of the best Shanghai steamed dumplings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Shanghai Restaurant Review, Cupertino

Shanghai Restaurant Cupertino exterior decor

Shanghai Restaurant is a Shanghainese Chinese Restaurant in the Cupertino village shopping center, replacing the popular HC Dumpling restaurant. They have the usual Chinese dishes along with a fair amount of Traditional Shanghai dishes not served in most restaurants. Our last visit was December 2012.

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Sunny Shanghai Restaurant Review, San Bruno

Sunny Shanghai San Bruno Exterior decor

Sunny Shanghai is a small family owned restaurant located in southern San Bruno along busy El Camino Real, not far from Asian Pearl Peninsula. People have said that this owner started this restaurant because he was unhappy with family members at Little Shanghai in San Mateo. Our last visit was in April 2011 when we upgraded their food rating, finding this place a high quality cheap eats restaurants.

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bund Shanghai Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Bund Shanghai Restaurant San Francisco Exterior

bund Shanghai Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that serves Shanghainese cuisine and opened in 2009. It is named after one of the touristy but must visit areas of Shanghai next to the Huangpu river. Most of the restaurants in Chinatown serve Cantonese cuisine in contrast to this place. We stopped by for a quick snack in 2009, then returned for lunch in late 2011.

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