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Prik Hom

3226 Geary Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 689-0652

Prik Hom Website

Prik Hom is a small Thai restaurant in San Francisco’s inner Richmond district. It has 4.5 stars on Yelp right now. It was recommended by a friend and was also on the NY Times 25 best restaurants in SF 2023. Reservations are a must unless you want to walk in right when it opens. We’ve eat here twice.

The menu has limited selections in each of its different section, not like the usual Thai spots. No pad thai or pad see ew here! Simple concise menu with several options for vegetarians. Their spring menu saw several new dishes.

Prik surprised us with food that was clearly a cut above the usual fare. Prices are reasonable, unlike the expensive top spots Nari or Kin Khao.  Definitely check it out if you are into Thai food.  Service was homey and just fine.

Safety Pluses – Online menu, Delivery services available, online ordering.

Food Review:
Thai Tea ($4.00) had a lot of ice but was balanced and not too sweet. 8/10

Coconut water ($8) comes in an actual coconut. fun. 8/10

Scallops Lemongrass ($16.00 for 2pc) are 2 scallop shots with chili jam, toasted coconut with herbs. Better than many places’s scallop entrees! 9/10

Fried Oyster Mushroom ($12) was vegan and gluten free. Nice and crispy. 9/10

Fried Chicken, Hat Yai ($16.00) is a non battered eggless cripsy skin fried chicken. Not too dry, some interesting spices ciluding cumin and coriander. 8/10

Northern Thai style Larb Pork ($23.00) was done with muted spicyness, perhaps a mistake. You put the chopped pork in the veggie wraps and eat away. 8.5/10

Tom Ka Grilled Mushroom Soup ($17.00) was a solid version. Not too creamy, lots of mushrooms and galanga. 8/10

Pork Belly with Chinese Five Spice Soup ($22) is almost like a Chinese dong po pork with sweet broth.  Rich flavors and pretty sweet. 8/10

Yum Branzino ($24) is a little gem lettuce, garlic fennel salad with a large piece of deep fried fish. Dish was a bit disjointed. 8/10

Grilled Beef Curry ($28) was the star of the evening. Great curry and fall off the bone beef cheek meat. Spicier than other dishes. 9/10

Purple Rice ($5.00) is a fun change of pace. 7/10

Aromatic Curry ($24.00) is great for vegetarians. Same great housemade curry. 8/10

Grilled Eggplant with basil ($17.00) is the stir fried dish with fermented soy bean, ginger and garlic. On the sweet side for those who like it. Also great for vegetarians. 9/10

Smoked Young Coconut IceCream ($12.00) is a variation of the classic. Fun and interesting smokey hint. Smoth and creamy. 9/10

Lychee Popsicle ($12) comes with cranberries and is interesting but not as good as the other dessert. Very sweet. 7.5/10

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Prik Hom Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Very Good)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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