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55 Cyril Magnin

San Francisco, CA 94102


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Kin Khao San Francisco Exterior Decor Parc 55 hotel

Why did we dine here? – Excellent, Authentic Thai in San Francisco. Kin Khao means “to eat” or “let’s eat” in Thai. They received one Michelin star in 2016. We have thought about dining here for a while. It is run by the famous food blogger of Chez Pim – Pim Techamuanvivit, girlfriend of Manresa’s chef David Kinch. Kin Khao is located in the first floor of the Parc 55 hotel, so it gets a ton of tourists, lucky them! Be sure to enter on the Mason and Ellis door.

Kin Khao San Francisco Interior Decor

Insider Tip – Order Carefully, the place is expensive

Cuisine – Thai
Location – Downtown San Francisco
Opened – 2015

Service – Kin Khao had very good service. A knowledgeable and friendly waitress helped us order and kept everything flowing well.
Verdict – Kin Khao beat our expectations. The food was excellent, different than the usual Thai restaurants like Lers Ros or Marnee. Some of it was intensely spicy, while other dishes not so. If you are interested in Thai food, give this place a try. Lunch is a much cheaper time to dine here.
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Is this restaurant worth a 5 minute drive? Yes. 30 minute? Yes. 1 Hour? Maybe.

Kin Khao Signature Dishes – Mushroom Hor Mok Terrine, Wings, Pork Belly, Curry

Kin Khao’s Menu is pretty wide ranging. Several options for vegetarians. You will not find Pad Thai or Curry Chicken on this menu! Keep in mind that they only have 1 dessert.

Website Kin Khao Menu

Kin Khao Food Picks:

Kin Khao San Francisco cocktails

Tom Yum Cocktail ($13) Tanqueray Gin, Imbue Vermouth, Lime, Galangal, Lemongrass, Abbots Bitters, Kaffir Leaf was potent with a ton of flavor.

Hua Hin Beach CockTail ($13) skipper’s demerara Rum, Coconut Cream, Lime, chocolate Stout, Salt, KaffIr Lime, Umbrella was a bit less potent. Topped with a bit too much ice, this drink reminds you of Phuket Thailand.

Tiger Woods – Thai Ice Tea Arnold Palmer ($5) is good for the designated driver. Not what you expect, but with more oomph.

Kin Khao San Francisco Mushroom Hor Mok Terrine

Mushroom Hor Mok Terrine (V) ($14) Curry mousse in-a-jar with mushrooms, crisp rice cakes is a signature dish. Think of it as Mushroom instead of Foie. A lot more eggy and mushroomy than we expected, and very spicy. Also great for vegetarians.

Kin Khao San Francisco Nam tok beans

Nam Tok Beans (V) ($14) Scarlet Runner beans tossed Isaan-style with lime, chili, rice powder, light soy, shallots, scallions, mint, cilantro was the spiciest dish of the night. Below the heat were some robust, crisp beans meant to be eaten with the lettuce leaves. Great for vegetarians.

Kin Khao San Francisco pork belly

Caramelized Pork Belly ($17) Sweet, savory, voluptuous pork belly cooked in a clay pot is a must order for pork fans. Looks like a Chinese dish. Very Fatty, probably 99% fat, this sweet accented dish satisfied.

Kin Khao San Francisco Yaowaraj noodles

Yaowaraj Noodle ($19) Bangkok Chinatown stir fried noodles with chicken, XO sauce, egg, green onion, cilantro was passable. It gave us a respite from the intense spicy dishes and the curry. This Chow fun like dish could have been omitted.

Kin Khao San Francisco Massaman Nuea Braised beef cheeks

Massaman Nuea ($35) Braised beef cheeks in Massaman curry, coconut milk, crispy burnt shallots, potatoes was the star of the night. The waiter recommended we order this succulent curry dish over the others. Huge portion size with a bold flavor profile. You need to order rice with this beast.

Sticky rice ($4) is a nice change of pace.

Chicken Broth ($4) is a clean bowl of rich chicken stock. Works well with rice to cleanse the palate.

Kin Khao San Francisco Black Rice Pudding

Black Rice Pudding ($10) Served with burnt coconut sugar caramel, salty coconut cream, puffed rice+peanut+sesame praline all on the side. Think of it as a make-it-yourself Thai Sundae. Fun and something new.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)

Do you agree with our review? Have you found other similar restaurants that are better?

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Kin Khao Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Food Rating: (Very Good)
Service Rating: (Very Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Good)
Value Rating: (Average)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Full Bar
Parking:Paid Valet, Street

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