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Chez Vong

10, Rue de la Grande Truanderia

75001 Paris, France, CA

+33 1 40 39 99 89

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Chez Vong Paris France Exterior Decor

Chez Vong is a fancy Chinese / Vietnamese restaurant located in the 1st Arrondissement, specifically the Les Halles area of Paris. We wanted some Chinese food for a change, so we decided to try this place.

Chez Vong Paris France Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Dimly lit (So our photos are terrible), lots of Chinese artifacts and design. This place transports you to legendary Shanghai with all its art and decor. It seems like any serious restaurant works hard on its decor. Most people dining were locals, and not Asians.

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Chez Vong Paris France Menu 7

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Chez Vong Paris France canard duck

Canard aux 8 parfumes (20.50) Eight spice duck was a good dish. Cooked and then lightly deep fried with good flavor.


Chez Vong Paris France Aparagus and crab Soup Potage au crabe et aux asperges

Potage au crabe et aux asperges (11€) – Asparagus and crab soup was average. It was clearly a fast boiled soup as it lacked flavor.

Chez Vong Paris France Legumes Bock Choy Vegetables

Legumes sautes a la sauce d’huitres (12.50) – Sauteed Bok Choy in oyster sauce was done just fine.

Chez Vong Paris France Nouilles sautees Noodles

Nouilles Sautees (10) Pan Fried Dan Dan Noodles with vegetables was average. Noodle quality was fair.


Chez Vong Paris France Sticky Rice

Riz Gluant (11) – Plain sticky rice was terrible. There was not anything even inside of it.

Chez Vong has excellent service with servers around us most the time. They were not very busy. Prices are high and food quality is low making this a place hard to recommend. They even charge for water and tea. The Chinese food in the USA is far better, stick to French food. We had a slightly better time at Lao Tseu. There is English on their menu.

Their prix fixe lunch menu is a better value than dinner. They are closed for 3 weeks in August. Metro: Les Halles

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Chez Vong Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Mon-Sat Noon - 2:30pm, 7 - 11.30pm, Closed sun.
Prices:11€ - 30€

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