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Beijing, China

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More Foodie delights from our  recent trip to China.

What is a fast food place doing on the Foodnut.com? Eating fast food on a vacation? Sacrilegious! We visited KFC in a Beijing shopping mall when we wanted a small snack. We noticed some Egg Custard tarts on the menu and gave them a try.

KFC Asia Egg Custard Tart Beijing China

They came to us steamy hot and tasted great. These are Portuguese style with a slightly burnt top. Portuguese monks in Lisbon created them and called them Pasteis de Nata. Better than the much lauded Golden Gate Bakery ones in San Francisco and a lot cheaper.

KFC Asia Egg Custard Tart Beijing China 2

Maybe not as good as Hong Kong’s best. The chicken and corn are still better in the USA. These tarts are available in other locations throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai.

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