La Petite Camille Restaurant Review Millbrae


La Petite Camille

170 El Camino Real

Millbrae, CA 94030


La Petite Camille Sign

La Petite Camille Outside

La Petite Camille is a fairly busy Vietnamese restaurant on El Camino Real in Millbrae. We ate next door and noticed how busy it was, so decided to try it sometime.

La Petite Camille Inside

La Petite Camille’s Decor is standard generic plain for an asian restaurant. Lots of families and couples were eating when we visited. This is pretty much a fast place for a meal.

Menu pics

La Petite Camille Menu 6


La Petite Camille Menu 4

La Petite Camille Menu 5

La Petite Camille Menu 2

La Petite Camille Menu 1



La Petite Camille Raw Beef Salad

Raw Beef Salad ($8.95) with thin slices of beef seasoned with lemon, fish sauce, mint, onion, peanuts tasted ok.  Flavor was fair, not a lot of beef.  Lots of vegis.

La Petite Camille Five Spice Chicken

Five Spice Chicken ($8.75) with tender roast chicken seasoned with five spices was a little better than average.  Little on the greasy side. Quantity was huge.

La Petite Camille Vietnamese Crepe

Vietnamese Crepe ($8.65) with rice flower, egg, chicken, and shrimp. Served with lettuce and fish sauce. It had a lots of egg and very little flour. Lots of bean sprouts. Even had some unexpected cornmeal.  Weird.

La Petite Camille Seafood Noodle 2

Noodle Add-ins

La Petite Camille Seafood Noodle

Seafood Noodle ($7.25) had good quantity and included fish cakes and shrimp but the included jalapenos made it way too hot.  Something we’ve never encountered at Vietnamese places. No need for the hot sauce.

La Petite Camille Red Bean Yellow Bean Drink

Red Bean, Yellow Bean with Coconut Milk Drink ($2.75) was a pretty standard version of this Vietnamese classic drink. Tasted average.

La Petite Camille Red Bean Ice Cream Drink

Red Bean Ice Cream Drink ($3.25) was a pretty standard version of this Chinese classic drink but with mango ice cream. Tasted ok. Beans were too sweat.


La Petite Camille’s service was terrible, never got a refill of tea or water, until we chased them down at the end of the meal.  Had to pull teeth to get the check.  Guy did not look like a happy camper.
La Petite Camille’s prices are reasonable, but not rock bottom. Quantity was high for most items. The pho place in Burlingame is a better bet value wise. Saigon Cuisine at the Shops at Tanforan is also better. There is nothing special about La Petite Camille.

Restaurant Map:

La Petite Camille Overall Rating: (Average 1.5)

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Hours:11am-3pm, 530-1030pm
Parking:Lot, Street
Prices:$6.25 - $16.95

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