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Ramen Santouka

625 Saratoga Ave. (near Moorpark Ave.)

San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 446-1101

Ramen Santouka San Jose exterior decor

Ramen Santouka is a legendary noodle shop located inside the Mitswa supermarket in San Jose just off Highway 280’s Saratoga exit. They have locations in many different cities around the world including Los Angeles.

Ramen Santouka San Jose interior decor

Decor, Vibe – Ramen Santouka Ramen Santouka is located in the food court of the supermarket, so don’t expect much. The place was packed with shoppers and noodle fans.

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Ramen Santouka San Jose menu

Ramen Santouka Menu concentrates on Ramen noodles and includes some rice dishes. They have a classic plastic food Japanese window menu.

Website Ramen Santouka Menu

Ramen Santouka Full image set

51A Salt flavor Ramen (regular size), green onion rice bowl, flavored egg ($9.94) at the better of her half of the two. Salt broth was thicker and richer in flavor than the soy sauce broth. The authentic noodles were crunchy and cooked al dente with a good texture and a reasonable quantity. They didn’t fade much when they got soggy. The pork had a lot of fat that was excellent. The rice bowl had some chopped up leek and Bonito shavings and was just average. The cooked egg is cooked too long.

Ramen Santouka San Jose Ramen salmon roe rice

62B Soy sauce flavored Ramen (regular size), salmon roe rice bowl ($11.94) at the same excellent quality noodles and a solid broth. The rice bowl was on the salty side is expected, but still hit the spot. They included a small red ume plum.

Ramen Santouka San Jose Toroniku Ramen

8 Toroniku (special slow cooked pork), salt flavor Ramen small size ($9.94) had a leaner, tender pork but frankly we preferred the pork included with the other Ramen.



Ramen Santouka took just a couple minutes to get our order ready. They call your name and yet to go up and get it, no service here. The noodles are excellent here, some of the best in the Bay Area. Santa Ramen in San Mateo may have lost the crown. If your noodle fanatic be sure to visit this place. Be warned that wait times can exceed 30 minutes during peak times. No alcohol here and don’t try buying a beer from the supermarket and sneaking it over.
Be sure to check out the market’s candy, pastry area up front has lots of tasty treats. Cash only.

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Ramen Santouka Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Hours:Daily 11:30am - 7:30pm
Parking:Free Lot
Prices:$6.95 - $12.94

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