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Blue Sky Cafe

1625 El Camino Real Ste 9

Belmont, CA 94002


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Blue Sky Cafe, Belmont

Blue Sky Cafe is a casual Hong Kong style Chinese eatery in the middle of an industrial park in Belmont. Weird location but solid food and a popular destination. If you appreciate this type of food, run here as there is nothing like it on the Peninsula. Everyone knows now, because the place is really busy on the weekend. Takeout on a Saturday night had a 2 hour delay.

A small homey spot with friendly servers, reasonable prices and ample parking. They served takeout only throughout much of the Pandemic, then restarted table service in early 2023. Service gets sketchy when the place is super busy due to overload.

Other dishes to try: Oxtail clay pot, Pork Chop

During Covid 19 Pandemic – Call in for take out, contactless payments, etc.

Food Picks:
Dried Scallop and egg white fried rice ($16.95) is a large size portion of well-done fried rice. Lots of flavor. 8.5/10

Salt and pepper fish fillet ($12.95) is deep fried and very nice. Ample quantities of this artery clogging dish. 8/10

Sweet-and-sour spareribs Hong Kong style ($14.95) uses eggless batter and is not too sweet. This got a little soggy by the time we made it home, but it is still worth ordering. 8/10

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont spare rib clay pot rice

Spare Ribs Clay Pot Rice ($17.95 for small) takes about 20 minutes. They pour soy sauce on it tableside and help you scrape up the nice crisp rice crust. Done very well. Free soup to start available most of the time. Beware that they started making it spicy with jalapenos in 2020. During the pandemic, with takeout, they carefully put the crispy rice in another container. 9.5/10

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont chicken clay pot rice

Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms Clay Pot Rice ($13.95 for small) is also a hit. Great if you like chicken. The chicken cut up for you.

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont chinese sausage claypot rice

Chinese Sausage Claypot rice ($13.95 for small) is also legit. Lots of lap cheung. 9/10

Salted fish chicken tofu ($16.95) is a perfect rendition of the classic Cantonese dish. Not too salt. 8.5/10

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont Chicken

House Hainan chicken ($11.95 for half) is very good, but not as good as RIP ABC’s. Very boney and full of flavor. Alas, no chicken rice.

House special pan fried noodles ($12.50) were crispy and full of meat.

Beef Chow fun ($14.95) is also a large portion. A little light on the beef, otherwise it is spot on. 8.5/10

Sauteed Large Pea Shoots with Garlic ($18.95) hit the mark. Cooked just right and huge portion. 8.5/10

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont green beans

String Beans ($10.95) were okay. Not a lot of flavor, but cooked fine.

Soup of the day ($7.95) is Chinese style home made soup. Good stuff.

Blue Sky Cafe Belmont hong kong milk tea

Milk Tea Hong Kong Style ($4.25 cold) was decent. They also have it hot. Close to HK standards. 8.5/10

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Blue Sky Cafe Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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