Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot, Macau

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Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot

R/C, 4-4A Travessa da Caldeira

Macau, China SAR

(853)2893 8744

Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot Website

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau exterior decor

Why did we dine here? – Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot is a popular restaurant in Macau. This restaurant group owns many different restaurants through out Asia including Jinyuexuan. Our friend recommended this restaurant, and we noticed you will not find it in tour books, nor on Trip Advisor. This place is not located on a central street, so you may need a taxi to reach it.

Compare this place to Mongolian Hot Pot

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau live seafood

They specialize in seafood hotpot. You choose your live seafood from the tanks in front of the restaurant before you enter. Asians really want the freshest seafood, and how can it get any fresher than this.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau razor clams

We chose razor clams, other clams, geoduck, mantis prawns and several other items from their live seafood selection.

Insider Tip – This restaurant is small, so make reservations.

Cuisine – Chinese hot pot
Location – Macau, China SAR
Opened: 1992

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau Interior Decor

Service – Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot had very good service with lots of servers and helpers roaming around. Nothing shocking in Asia, we wish service in Chinese restaurants in the US would get better!
Verdict – Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot is a great bet if you like hot pot and seafood. Everything was very fresh and cooked perfectly. Prices are not cheap but in line with restaurants of this caliber.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau live seafood 2

Is this restaurant worth a 5 minute drive? Yes. 30 minute? Yes. 1 Hour? Maybe.

Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot Signature Dishes – Anything from the live tanks outside especially the crustaceans and fish.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau hot pot dipping sauces

Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot’s Menu is pretty extensive, but most people just select their seafood, cooking styles, and hit the hot pot. The hot pot comes with 8 different mixins including Guilin chili sauce.

Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot Food Picks:

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau mantis prawns

Mantis prawns cooked salt and pepper style were fried with garlic and cut up for us. Excellent dish that showed off the sweet meat of these prawns. These were probably from Thailand.

Razor clams were cooked in the hot pot. Tender, very fresh even though they were from the refrigerator.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau clay pot rice

Clay pot rice with Chinese sausages and other preserved meats. This is a signature dish here and proved to be very good. The preserved meats are very fatty and salty. The rice had a light soy sauce flavor to it, with the crusty rice on the bottom making our day with its crispness. Later on this trip we had an even better version at Lei Garden, Shanghai.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau sliced beef

Sliced beef was fatty and not up to US quality standards, but still satisfying.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau clams

Clams were on the large side and also very fresh and sweet.

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau geo duck clam

Xiecheng Seafood Hotpot Macau geo duck sashimi

Geo duck sashimi was excellent. This particular one had a lot of soft roe, which is almost like Foie Gras. The meat was crisp and thinly sliced. Cholesterol city.

The meal was finished with a fruit plate that included watermelon and starfruit.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)

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Xiecheng Seafood & Hotpot Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Value Rating: (Good)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine

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