Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Review, Oakland


Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant

328 10th Street #101 (Near Harrison)

Oakland, CA 94607


510-839-8803 (Fax)

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Website

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Exterior

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant is a family run Chinese Restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown focusing on Shan Dong regional Cuisine. The focus is on noodles and dumplings. It was top rated on Yelp and has been mentioned in newspapers, so we decided to try it.

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Interior

Decor, Vibe – Small generic dining room with about 14 tables. No decor awards here. A mix of Chinese and non Asian folks eating lunch.

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Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Dumplings

Special Shan Dong Dumplings ($6.95) with pork and lots of vegetables were huge and freshly cooked but pretty bland and had a thick wrapper.

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Special Dumplings

Boiled Pork Dumplings with Leek ($7.25) were huge and freshly cooked but pretty bland and had a thick wrapper.

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Hand Made Noodles

Ja Jong Mein Noodles ($6.95) +$1 for hand made noodles had thick noodles that tasted fine but the sauce was almost peanut buttery in texture.


Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Onion Pancake

Onion Pancake ($5.50) was pretty plain with not much in the way of any flavor. It was better as leftovers when we pan fried it.

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Oakland Special Twisted Bun

Special Twisted Bun ($0.95) was deep fried, greasy and tasteless. Could have used some condensed milk.

Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant had friendly accessible service. Prices are fine but the food was pretty average and bland. It was almost like simple flavor challenged home cooking. San Tung in San Francisco serves similar food and is far better. You are better off eating Cantonese Chinese food in this Chinatown.
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Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant Overall Rating: (Average 1.5)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Sun - Thur 10am - 930pm, Fri - Sat 10am - 10pm
Prices:$5.95 - $10.95

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  • Russ D
    June 2, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    I cannot disagree with you more! I suppose you are not used to homestyle Chinese food. The food is simple, honest and straightforward. The steam buns are great, the dumplings are somewhat bland by themselves, but when eaten “family style” are a great addition to the many other dishes. Perhaps next time try ordering something like the seasonal vegetable and seafood dishes. The braised sprouts are great with the sesame noodles. Or with the twisted bun try some salted (hot) soymilk! the three items you reviewed are the equivalent of walking into Wendys and getting an order of fries, a piece of pie and a potato and saying the food is too bland.

  • Balzar Aikin
    August 2, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    The main problem is that Shan Dong food is just not that good. The best Chinese food comes from the south.

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