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10330 N. Wolfe Road (at Perimeter Road)

Cupertino, CA 95014


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Alexander’s Steakhouse, Cupertino

Alexander’s Steakhouse is a high end steak restaurant located in an outdoor mall, situated in Cupertino, just off highway 280. They moved in 2016 to this new outdoor mall.  Parking is surprisingly difficult! It was recently featured on Check Please and feature 28-day aged prime steaks. They opened a San Francisco outpost in Bacar’s former digs, in mid September 2010. We hadn’t been there in many years, so it was time for a revisit.

On our last visit during the 2020 Pandemic, we dined al fresco, outside at the Cupertino location. Lots of space between tables, silverware carefully wrapped up. This place is very expensive, definitely a special occasion spot.

Alexanders Steakhouse Cupertino Raw Meat

Meat Counter

Decor, Vibe – Big lobby with beautiful wall of aging meat and meat counter for those who like to cook. Modern clean looking bar area. Elegant dining room with nice art and flower arrangements. Lots of couples, some big parties, with multiples generations from 30’s to 60’s dining.

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Excellent Bread Basket

Yuzu Mojito ($13) was excellent. Lots of citrusy flavor, fresh mint, liquor, and a balanced unique cocktail.

Moscow Mule ($16) was done right and VERY strong.

county line farms baby greens ($22) cucumber – lotus chips – yuzu-chili dressing is expensive for what you get, but it hits the mark especially for vegetarians.

Clam Chowder ($9) was soup of the day and very good. New England style with lots of clams, potatoes, ham along with a not too creamy broth.

Popcorn Crab ($22) jumbo lump crabmeat fritters, sansho, white pepper, sriracha mayonnaise is a signature dish. Tons of lightly battered deep fried deliciousness. They should make this a smaller appetizer. On our last visit in 2011, this dish changed to a Mixed Fry that contained more crab, but maintained the deliciousness.

Hamachi Shots ($4 each) grade 5 hamachi, red chili, frizzled ginger, avocado, truffled ponzu is also a signature dish. Designed for one big gulp. Very fresh fish and a nice combo. Cheaper when you buy 6.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras ($24) seared, kumquat conserve kumquat emulsion, fennel, croutons was top notch. The portion was absolutely huge and cooked perfectly. Kumquats were a little tart making this an interesting combination when most use berries. No longer on the menu!

Alexanders Steakhouse Cupertino Prime Rib (2)

Slow roasted Prime rib ($57) 14 ounce cut, creamed horseradish trio (stellar garlic!, wasabi, traditional) was also excellent. We were hankering for some prime rib during the pandemic. A huge cut of tender meat roasted to a perfect medium rare. The au jus was just stellar, we had to ask for more. Their excellent homemade horseradish accented the beef perfectly. Go big and bring it home for tomorrow’s sandwich. This top notch beast was roasted in their special oak and Korean binchotan fired oven.

Sauteed Broccolini ($16) was a large side done just right. Sides cost as much as appetizers in most restaurants

Wild Mushrooms ($16) had several types and is recommended.

Alexanders Steakhouse Cupertino Ribeye steak

Porterhouse Steak ($58) was a huge portion of beef that included both the filet mignon and New York portions of a steak. Quality and quantity were definitely on the high side. The meat used at Alexander’s is not USDA Prime Grade meat, it is angus from the Midwest of the Choice Grade. We were told that consistency of Prime Grade meat was not good, so they chose this route instead.

Dry Aged Split Bone Rib-Eye ($54) was an excellent, juicy steak that we highly recommend. We believe it’s better than the Porterhouse or New York Steak here.

Alexanders Steakhouse Cupertino T Bone

Dry Aged T-Bone ($48) 24 oz. with maître d’hotel butter was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Huge and excellent, this is best of both worlds, a New York and Filet in one. You could taste the high quality dry aged meat.

Melange a Trois ($41) beef three ways; filet steak with green olives and blue cheese, braised shortrib and brie en cocotte, kobe patty melt panini was a very good 3 in 1 combination dish. The filet steak and patty melt were the best parts. Filet was super tender and accents with the cheese. The patty melt was pretty big and had ranch sauce. A good dish for those that do not like a huge slab of beef.

Crushed Potatoes ($8) lemon, olive oil & oregano were excellent. Crispy, nice sized chunks and not as fatty as a huge baked potatoe.

Beets & Greens ($8) red beets, swiss chard, red wine-orange glaze had tons of very fresh and sweet red beets on top of a bed of chard. Chard was a tad bitter.

Complimentary cotton candy rounded out the evening.



Mac ‘N Cheese ($10) white truffle oil mac ’n cheese was a pretty basic version. No special cheese, it just had a cool looking pan. Coconut’s makes a killer version.

Truffle Fries ($9) were a decadent deep-fried mound of artery clogging goodness.

Confetti ($12) Basil Panna cotta with blueberry sorbet and coconut tapioca pearls was just plain weird and unbalanced. The Panna Cotta was very creamy and had a too heavy basil flavor.

Alexander’s Steakhouse had excellent service, that faded a little as the restaurant became busy. No water worries, and napkin folding when you are away. The service has marked improved over the years. The prices are very expensive, making this a special occasion place. Do not come here trying to skimp, save up instead. We have no problem recommending it as the entire experience was excellent. You may end up with a meat coma. It is one of the best steakhouses in the San Francisco Bay Area along with places like Harris’ or House of Prime Rib. What is interesting is that they also have very good modern small plates and non meat dishes.

Be sure to try their much more affordable lunch options including Ramen noodles.

Extensive 36 page wine list with high markup, Glasses from $10, $35 corkage. Alexander’s Steakhouse even has a cigar menu.

Also at:

448 Brannan St, (between Third and Fourth;)
San Francisco, 94111
(415) 495-1111

Restaurant Map:

Alexander's Steakhouse Overall Rating: (Excellent 3)

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Food Rating: (Excellent)
Service Rating: (Excellent)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Mon-Th 530-930pm, Fri-Sat 530-1030pm, Sun 530-9pm
Parking:Free Lot
Prices:$18 - $145

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