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Lai Hong Lounge Restaurant Review, San Francisco

By Arnold Chan

Lai Hong Lounge exterior decor

Lai Hong Lounge Restaurant is a Cantonese Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown. They have been around since the Lichee Garden closing, 2012. They are pretty popular for lunch, but it was much more quiet at dinner. We were in the neighborhood so we decided to try it out, being big Chinese food fans. This restaurant appears to be related to Hong Kong Lounge.

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City View Restaurant Restaurant Review, San Francisco

City View Restaurant San Francisco Exterior

City View Restaurant is a Chinese dim sum restaurant near San Francisco’s Financial district and Chinatown. that only serves lunch. It is located in an alley, so few people happen to pass by it. They do not lists prices on their menu, but their prices are far lower than well known Yank Sing’s. They use the old school dim sum cart and server system. Their dim sum selection is limited. Our last visit was in the middle of 2011.

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bund Shanghai Restaurant Review, San Francisco

Bund Shanghai Restaurant San Francisco Exterior

bund Shanghai Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that serves Shanghainese cuisine and opened in 2009. It is named after one of the touristy but must visit areas of Shanghai next to the Huangpu river. Most of the restaurants in Chinatown serve Cantonese cuisine in contrast to this place. We stopped by for a quick snack in 2009, then returned for lunch in late 2011.

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