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1737 Post Street (Webster)

San Francisco, CA 94115


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Benihana Front

Benihana is a popular Japanese restaurant with locations in many states. The name means Red flower in Japanese.

Benihana Interior

Benihana prepares entertaining meals teppanyaki-style on a large grill right in front of you. They also serve sushi, but there is not action in sushi. As they put it: “We serve great American favorites like sirloin, chicken and fresh seafood. All according to a 1000 year-old Japanese recipe”. We decided to give it another visit to show all the theatrics to an uninitiated member of our party.

Menu pics (Click to zoom in on any picture)

Benihana Menu 1

Benihana Menu

Benihana Menu 7

Benihana Philosophy

Benihana Menu 2


Benihana Menu 3


Benihana Menu 9


Benihana Menu 5

Cocktail Menu

Benihana Menu 4

Benihana Menu 8

Benihana Menu 10

Sushi Menu

Benihana Menu 11

More Sushi

Benihana Childrens Menu

Kids Benihana Menu

Benihana 17

Butter Hana – It is going to be on Everything!


Benihana Onion Soup

Onion Soup

Benihana 25

Shrimp Action

Benihana Shrimp 2

Shrimp Appetizer

Benihana Salad


Benihana 22

Fried Rice Action

Benihana 23

Benihana Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Benihana 21

Chicken Action

Benihana Chicken

Chicken Hitachi

Benihana Vegetables 2

Cooked Vegetables

Benihana Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Benihana Manager’s Special ($18) had Chicken Hibachi, fried rice, Japanese onion soup, followed by a salad with ginger dressing, tea, and ice cream desert. A decent meal and a very good deal.  The cubed chicken with sesame seeds and lemon was tender but not too flavorful.  The onion soup and salad were fair, with the soy, lemon salad dressing being very good. Be sure to ask what the current Benihana specials are.


Benihana 32

Benihana 37

Steak Action

Benihana Teriyaki Steak

Teriyaki Steak ($21.60) was thin-sliced steak sizzling in a pungent homemade teriyaki sauce with scallions.  It tasted better than the Hibachi chicken because of all the flavor addons.

Benihana 28

Benihana Scallops

Scallop Action

Benihana 30

Benihana 35

Benihana 31

Benihana 34

Benihana 33

Seafood Diablo ($20.85) shrimp, scallops, calamari, assorted vegetables and Japanese udon noodles with a special homemade spicy sauce was too spicy and the quality of the scallops and calamari was not high.

Hibachi Chicken Junior ($13.25) was a junior size (5 oz.) of our popular Hibachi Chicken along with shrimp.  Not a lot cheaper than the adult portion considering how little you get.

Benihana Shrimp

Benihana Seafood Diablo

Teriyaki Steak (Julienne) ($13.75) was a portion of the thin-slicked steak and shrimp.


Benihana Mojito Cocktail

Mango Mojito ($7.50) was the weakest drink we have had in a long time.

Benihana puts on a good show. We like to call this place butterhana’s as they slap butter on everything. The service was adequate but not overly attentive.  They purposely give you lots of time to linger in the bar or have drinks before the meal.  The limited time $18 Manager’s special was a real good deal. Be sure to check their website for more specials before you go.

Benihana’s Prices are actually reasonable for the amount of food and theatrics you get.  Bills are inflated by lots of alcohol, dessert, and other extras. Benihana is clearly a fun place to go and a popular spot for birthday parties.  The place was packed. The food was edible, but not exactly fine dining.

Benihana is the type of place most people would want to experience at least once. They have a kids menu. If you are in search of authentic Japanese food search here.

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Benihana Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Mon-Thu: 11:30am-2pm, 5-10pm. Fri 11:30am-2pm, 4-11pm. Sat 11:30am-11pm. Sun 11:30am-9:30pm
Parking:Validated Lot, Street
Prices:$8.75-$18 (Lunch), $17.50-43.50 (Dinner)

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