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Paradise Kabab House

2653 Broadway Street

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 306-0238

Paradise Kabab House Website

Paradise Kabab House Redwood City Exterior Decor

Paradise Kabab House is a family run Persian restaurant in downtown Redwood City. They emphasis is on healthy home style cooking on an open fire. As they put it: “No deep frying, no artificial flavoring, no precooked foods and no canned products!”

Paradise Kabab House Redwood City interior decor

Decor, Vibe – Paradise Kabab House has basic interior decor with plain seating, large pictures of their food, and Persian decorations. The place was sparsely filled at lunch with local workers.


Paradise Kabab House Redwood City Menu

Paradise Kabab House Menu has a variety of Kababs, combos, stews along with some vegetarian options.

Website Paradise Kabab House Menu

Paradise Kabab House Full image set

Complimentary square cut soft pita bread with chopped up vegetables.

Paradise Kabab House Redwood City Lamb Kabab Combo

Combo #2 Kabab ($13.99) SOLTANI – One chenjeh (marinated chunks of lamb) & one koobideh (ground lamb) with steamed rice and vegetables. The chopped lamb was a bit gamey with a salisbury steak like flavor. The chunked lamb was tender and a bit gamey. Nice steamed rice and a couple veggies.

Paradise Kabab House Redwood City Beef Chicken Kabab Combo

Combo #4 Kabab ($13.95) SHAHANEH – One koobideh (ground beef), 1/2 skewer of tumeric marinated chicken breast chunks, & 1/2 skewer of marinated tender beef filet chenjeh. The chicken had good sized chunks of moist meat. The ground beef was lacking in flavor with the beef cubes offering better texture and juiciness.



Paradise Kabab House had basic service with a guy wandering by every so often checking on water, etc. The owners did circulate once or twice to take orders, check on us. The food is decent and pretty healthy here, making it a solid bet if you are in the area. Taste-In in Burlingame gets our vote as a better bet. High end places like Shalizaar are also not far.

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Paradise Kabab House Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Hours:Tu - Sun 11:45am - 3pm, Tu - Sat 4:30-9pm, Sun 4:30 - 8pm, Closed Mon
Prices:$6.99 - $14.99

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  • Shalizaar, Belmont |
    May 23, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    […] consider: Lavash in San Francisco and Paradise Kabab house in Redwood City. $25 Dining Certificate for $5Shalizaar Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)Come Back? […]

  • Shab
    December 31, 2011 at 9:06 am

    I went to Paradise Kabab House this evening and was treated in an extremely rude manner that is completely unacceptable. I went to this restaurant this evening and ordered 2 large entrees and an appetizer for dinner. In our party were 2 adults and my 3 year old daughter. The owner of this restaurant followed me out of the parking lot after our meal and said to us that he remembers us from before and last time we ate at his restaurant and that we made a mess and should not return to his restaurant in the future. I like to support local businesses but have been to this restaurant perhaps 3 times in my entire life. The last time I was in this restaurant was approximately close to 2 years ago. I find it very hard to believe that this owner remembers me and that my child is particularly messy and unlike any other 3 year child eating rice from a plate sitting in a chair at a table. This restaurant states that – \”Paradise Kabab House is about experiencing Persian hospitality, great-tasting home-cooked food, in a warm and friendly setting.\” I am Persian and am familiar with the hospitality of this culture and this does not represent Persian hospitality at all. Also I have never been insulted and asked never to return to a restaurant because my child is messy. This restaurant should not claim to be warm and friendly as it is not. The owners are completely inhospitable and very rude. I think that the owner of the restaurant should change the motto of this restaurant and also refund my money

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