Lao Tseu Restaurant Review, Paris, France


Lao Tseu

209, BD Saint Germain

75007, Paris France, CA

+33 01 45 48 30 06

+33 01 45 50 36 38 (Fax)

Lao Tseu Paris France Exterior Decor

Lao Tseu, which means Old Master in Chinese, is a Restaurant Chinois or Chinese restaurant in Paris’s 7th right on busy Saint Germain Boulevard. We were looking for some non French cuisine to vary things a little bit.

Lao Tseu Paris France Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Several tables on the sidewalk and 3 floors inside with an elegant dark wood Chinese theme, nice Buddha decoration. Mostly middle aged non Asians, many regulars, some tourists, were dining in this crowded establishment.

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Lao Tseu Paris France Menu 1

Full Menu Picture Set


Lao Tseu Paris France Sweet and Sour Chicken

Poulet (12€) – Sweet and sour chicken had a good sauce, lots of pineapple and bell peppers. It was a small dish though.

Lao Tseu Paris France Vapeur Steamed Dumplings

Assortiment de vapeur (7) – Steamed Dumplings were fresh and hot. Nice filling and wrapper.


Lao Tseu Paris France Potage Hot and sour Soup

Potage piqant a la pekinoise (6€) – Hot and Sour Soup with egg drop was an average version. Thick dark broth without much complexity. They even overcharged us by 1€ on this.

Lao Tseu Paris France Potage Vermicelli chicken soup

Potage au poulet et aux vermicelles chinois (6) – Vermicelli chicken soup was also pretty standard issue. Lots of noodles, bean curd, seaweed, but not a lot of flavor.

Lao Tseu Paris France Roast Duck Canard roti

Canard roti a la Catonaise (12) – Roast duck was thinly sliced in a French style, not Cantonese. The quality and taste were average.

Lao Tseu Paris France Deep Fried Hainan Chicken

Poulet (10)- Deep Fried Hainan Chicken was very crispy, not very Cantonese.

Lao Tseu Paris France Sauteed Broccoli Legume

Legumes sautes (8) – Sauteed Broccoli was uneventful. Cooked pretty firm. Quality was average.


Lao Tseu had very good friendly service initially then faded off as the place filled up. The food was decent but not exceptional. Food was authentic for the most part, but included some French influence. This is a good place to go for those seeking reasonably priced Chinese food. It is much more affordable than the other Chinese restaurant we tried, Chez Vong. No way these restaurants can compare to better Chinese places the US. They speak English, French, and Chinese. English translations are on the menu.

Chinese food in the San Francisco Bay Area is far better in terms of quality, price, and authenticity. Metro: Rue du Bac

Restaurant Map:

Lao Tseu Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Food Rating: (Good)
Service Rating: (Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Very Good)
Value Rating: (Good)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Daily Noon - 10:30pm
Prices:6€ - 80€

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