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Hiely Lucullus Avignon Exterior Decor

Hiely Lucullus is a popular restaurant in Avignon, France on the second floor above a clothing store on a main Avignon street. It reigned supreme for years as the top restaurant until Christian Etienne opened and got a Michelin Star. The haute cuisine served is predominantly French, Mediterranean, and Provencal. Grilled Alpine lamb is their specialty dish. They have some very good deals during lunch (19€). We can for dinner and were allowed to order a lunch deal as well two dinner Menu Carte (35€).

Hiely Lucullus Avignon Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Classic belle epoque decor. Old school creaky hard wood floors, classic chairs, soft music. This is a nice refuge from the busy street outside. Lots of older folks were dining, many probably visiting nearby college students.

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Hiely Lucullus Avignon Menu 2

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Hiely Lucullus Avignon Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche puree on a cucumber.


Hiely Lucullus Avignon Figs

La crème glacée et figues – Strawberry Ice cream with figs. Creamy ice cream with several cooked figs coated with balsamic vinegar.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon La petite marmite du pecheur Poached Fish and Clams

Le petite marmite du pecheur – Shellfish and fish poached in saffron sauce was a timeless classic that dates back to 1938. Little bits of each with barley grains and a light saffron sauce.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon Les artichauts barigoule Artichoke salad

Les artichauts barigoule – Artichokes cooked a la barigoule with roquette salad and old Parmigiano. An interesting green salad with the artichokes cooked with parmesean cheese. Fairly heavy on the cheese flavor.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon Les pieds et paquets Lamb Tripe

Les pieds et paquets – Lamb tripe cooked a la provencale was another recipe from 1938. Heavy beefy sauce, nice mushrooms, the lamb was tiny but cooked really well. It came with a perfectly cooked egg custard.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon Le filet de boef Beef

Le filet de boeuf – Roast beef fillet from France with sauteed spinach. A nice looking dish, the beef was of good size and was cooked to a nice medium rare. Meat quality here is lower than the US, lots of tendons in the meat. This is probably as good as French meat gets. Nice potato, mushrooms, and spinach side dish.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon La peche blanche de lile de la barthelasse Poached Peach dessert

La peche blanche de l’ile de la Barthelasse – White peach poached with tarragon was lite and not too sweet. The really fresh peach let its flavor shine through.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon L abricot de Provence Apricot dessert

L’abricot de Provence – Apricot from Provence in a sorbet and in a fruit parfait. Refreshing cold soup in a cup and a strong flavored Apricot sorbet.


Hiely Lucullus Avignon Spinach Salad

Salade – A basic spinach salad with some parmesaen cheese.

Hiely Lucullus Avignon Poisson de la peche du jour Trout fish

La poisson de la peche du jour– Fresh fish of the day was whole Trout. It was cooked then deboned table-side. It looked good but was on the bland side as it was not served with any sauce. It was fresh and cooked fine though.


Hiely Lucullus had very good service that was competent, accomodating, and friendly. The main waiter has probably worked here for many years. Prices are very reasonable and food quality is high. Hiely Lucullus and La Fourchette are excellent choices in Avignon.

Menu has English, and server understand it also. Their website does not work with Firefox.

Restaurant Map:

Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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