L’ Epice and Love Restaurant Review, Avignon, France

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L' Epice and Love

30 Rue Des Lices

Avignon 84000, France, CA

04 90 82 45 96

L Epice and Love Avignon Exterior Decor

L’ Epice and Love is a quirky but small restaurant in the heart of Avignon, France. Modestly priced, they serve simple food that is well prepared. Madame Marie is the chef and owner and speaks English. The place is rated #1 on Tripadvisor for Avignon probably because it only costs 16.80€ for a 3 course dinner.

L Epice and Love Avignon Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Kitchen utensils line the window showing you that this place has charm and character. Old well used seats and tables. Sofas in side. Outdoor seating is on the opposite side of the street. Mostly younger folks in their 20’s to 40’s were dining.

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L Epice and Love Avignon Menu


L Epice and Love Avignon Parfait de foie de veloulle

Parfait de foie de veloulle – Chicken liver was lighter than duck’s liver. Three big chunks, bread, and a big salad.


L Epice and Love Avignon Kids Beef

Plats Enfants (5€) – Kids Beef dinner was beef, pasta, and some veggies. Good enough to satisfy the kids.

L Epice and Love Avignon Auh pasti Antipasti

Auh pasti – Antipasti was some a big plate of mostly vegetables with some prosciutto. Massive quantity over quality.

L Epice and Love Avignon Tajine de calle aux pruneaux Quail

Tajine ole oulle aux Pruneaux – Quail with prunes and cous cous was over cooked but otherwise average.

L Epice and Love Avignon Joues de porc pork cheeks

Joues de porc – Pork cheeks were cooked in a stew like fashion and served with saffron rice. Dish was kind of bland.

L Epice and Love Avignon dessert Crumble pommes apricots apple crumble

Crumble Pommes apricots – Apple crumble dessert was a bit small but otherwise a decent dessert.


L Epice and Love Avignon Ananas Dessert

Ananas – Pineapple dessert was way too sweet.

L’ Epice and Love had friendly and accommodating service from the owner. The service got really slow when it as full. Prices are low, making this a popular space. Much better food can be had elsewhere but at twice the price. It was nice to experience but the food at La Fourchette and Hiely Lucullus was far better. Email address: [email protected]

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L' Epice and Love Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Daily Lunch, Dinner
Prices:15-30 €

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