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1450 Lombard Street (Near Van Ness)

San Francisco, CA 94123


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Boboquivaris San Francisco Exterior

Boboquivari’s is a steakhouse in the Marina district of San Francisco. It means Venetian court jester of comedy. It’s nick name is Bobo’s and is known for 100% USDA prime beef dry-aged for a long six weeks. They have free valet parking!

Boboquivaris San Francisco Interior

Decor, Vibe – Funky decor with lots of small colorful rooms and new age music, horseshoe shaped bar on the main level. Pretty busy place, with big parties, couples, some tourists dining.

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Boboquivaris San Francisco Bread

Garlic Baked Sourdough Olive Loaf was a really good complimentary bread.

Boboquivaris San Francisco Burrata

Crostini con burrata ($10) with heirloom toy box tomatoes, bermuda onions & avocado in balsamic vinagrette had some really good cheese. The tomatoes were tiny but good. The vinagrette was very strong.

Boboquivaris San Francisco Bone In Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon Bone-In ($39) is their signature steak. It is a big piece of tender beef with lots of aged flavor and juice. Even the meat on the bone was good.

Boboquivaris San Francisco Mussel Crab Shrimp Platter

Mussels, Shrimp, Crab ($39) on an Iron Skillet and Roasted was an appetizer we got as an entree. It was huge and sizzling. Tons of mussels, half a crab, and a good portion of shrimp. The crab was especially delicious. 2 different types of butter dipping sauces.

Boboquivaris San Francisco Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard ($8) with garlic and olive oil was a very good side. Well cooked and very fresh.


Boboquivaris San Francisco Twice Baked Potatoe

Twice based Potato ($8) had a heaping of items inside it. We’d prefer a simple baked potato.

Boboquivaris San Francisco Moscow Mojito

Moscow Mojito ($12) Stoli Vodka, brown sugar, mint, lemon, orange, splash of ginger ale was strong and not very sweet.


Boboquivaris San Francisco Portobello Mushroom

Portobello Mushrooms ($8) were chopped up and spicy. Just a weird side.

Boboquivari’s had very good service with a friendly and knowledgeable server. The food is decent and the atmosphere funky, making it a very romantic place albeit expensive.

While we liked their meat, we feel Harris’ and Alexander’s rank above this place for steaks. The atmosphere at these place could not be more different though.

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Boboquivari's Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Service Rating: (Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:5 - 11pm
Parking:Free Valet
Prices:$19 - $59

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