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Elite Restaurant

700 South Atlantic Blvd.

Monterey Park, CA 91754


Elite Restaurant Website

Elite Monterey Park exterior decor

Elite Seafood Restaurant is one of top Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley, according to several different sources. This restaurant serves dim sum during lunch, and traditional Cantonese dishes at dinner time.

Elite Monterey Park interior decor

Elite Decor, Vibe – Elite Restaurant has good decor in the classic Chinese gaudy style. Lot of tropical dark wood and a recessed ceiling. The place was loud and packed with Asians. Several large parties and many families and friends.

Elite Menu

Elite Restaurant Menu has a checkoff sheet and an English menu. Their menu is extensive and has many items that don’t exist in our area. Almost 100 different items. Our goal was to sample their specialties and our favorite dishes.


Elite Monterey Park frog congee

Congee with Frog ($6.38) was interesting because it contained dates, which imparted a strong flavor. The frog had lots of bones, but this jook was still reasonable.

Elite Monterey Park shrimp dumplings

Crystal shrimp Har gow ($3.38) had four large dumplings or har gow. Large mound of shrimp and very good quality.

Dry Scallop dumpling in supreme soup stock ($5.48) was huge and was bathed in a fairly bland stock. This was a little more than we bargained for.

Elite Monterey Park Sesame balls

Sesame balls ($2.38) were 3 medium sized balls of goodness. Slightly sweet, these were done well.

Elite Monterey Park shrimp rice noodle

Shrimp rice noodle ($3.38) was very good with large sized and fresh shrimp.

Elite Monterey Park steamed chicken mushroom rice

Sticky rice and meat wrapped in lotus leaf ($3.38) was a solid version of the classic dish. Three reasonably sized and hot pieces filled with lots of meat.

Elite Monterey Park BBQ Pork buns

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns ($2.38) included 3 medium sized buns with a thick wrapper.

Elite Monterey Park Durian puffs

Baked Durian Pie ($3.38) was smelly as usual and had large chunks of durian. Better than Sea Harbour’s version.

Deep Fried Stuffed Meat Dumpling ($2.38) were big and well done, but low on meat.

Chicken and Mushroom Clay Pot Rice ($6.38) was a chef recommended dish. It came piping hot with tender chicken and nice soy sauce on the side. The rice was slightly burnt on the bottom.

Fresh Mango Pudding ($2.38) was small but pretty heavy in mango flavor.

House roasted duck ($6.38) was lacking in flavor due to a minimal amount of sauce. The skin was very good though.


Elite Restaurant had average Chinese restaurant service. We had to grab servers who were running around, to get things done.

The dim sum here was above average but not as good as nearby Sea Harbour. Elite is slightly below than our top pick in the San Francisco Bay Area, Koi Palace. Everything was hot out of the kitchen, even towards the end of lunch. If you’re in the area be sure to check out this restaurant, it is worth the trip.

Dim Sum in Hong Kong is definitely on another level compared to Elite.

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Elite Restaurant Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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