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Espetus Churrascaria

710 S B St (Near 7th St)

San Mateo, CA 94401


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Espetus Churrascaria Exterior

Espetus Churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse serving Rodizio style food. They focus on meats straight from the fire brought to your table, continuously through the meal! You can stop the meat parade by flipping the table card to red. They have a salad and hot plate bar with lots of different options including asparagus, bean salad, eggplant, rice, beans, cod, and much more. Do not eat too much of this stuff otherwise you wonder have room for all the meat. Vegetarians should stay away.
Espetus Churrascaria has locations in San Francisco and San Mateo. We tried the brand new San Mateo location for dinner. It is all you can eat, with lunch going for $25.95 with 7 meat options, $37.95 on weekends. Dinner is $54.95 with 14 meat options. Kids are 50% off. Our last visit was in the Summer of 2014.

Espetus Churrascaria Interior 3


Espetus Churrascaria Interior 2

Bar Area

Espetus Churrascaria Interior Salad Bar

Salad Bar – Most people come just once

Espetus Decor, Vibe – Brand new cutting edge interior with high ceilings, beautiful lights, and modern touches. Stylish bar and lounge area with separate menu. Families, couples, and lots of people in their 30’s and 40’s were dining when we were..  It was pretty quiet during Friday Lunch

Espetus Churrascaria Menu Pictures

Espetus Churrascaria Menu 4

Story of the food

Espetus Food Pictures

The Brazilian cheese bread, fried plantains, and fried polenta were very good.

Espetus San Mateo beef ribs

You are served 12 to 14 different items from the skewer at dinner; Pineapple, Shrimp, Sirloin, Lamb, Filet Mignon wrapped in Bacon, Top Sirloin, Cubed Marinated Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Pork loin, chicken hearts, Bacon wrapped chicken, chicken legs, and Beef Ribs on a cart (You can ask for a rib). Many were cooked to medium – medium well. Ask for a cut that is more rare, if you like your meat bloody. Most meats has a strong smokey flavor.

The best items were:

Espetus San Mateo pineapple

Pineapple – lightly roasted, still juicy and a nice contrast to the meat.

Chicken Hearts – Tender and flavorful. Many tables avoided it and missed out big time!

Lamb – Slightly Gamey but tender and tasty.

Espetus San Mateo beef sirloin

Sirloin – Very Juicy and good flavor. One of the best meats here.

Espetus San Mateo beef steak

Filet Mignon – Very tender meat. On another visit the filet was wrapped in bacon.

Espetus Churrascaria Caipirinha Cocktail

Old School Caipirinha ($11) was a very good, well balanced drink with lots of fresh lime flavor. Not much punch though.

Mixed Berry Panna Cotta ($8.95) was a huge portion and tasted average. Not very delicate or smooth. Yes we were pretty full but someone has to test dessert.

Other Average Meat

Ask for the Rib – A bit dry

Espetus Churrascaria Meat Skewer 1

Espetus San Mateo sausages

Linguica – Home made Pork Sausages

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Pork Loin with Parmesan Cheese

The service was above average then faded a little as the place got busy. Espetus Churrascaria is a fun place to dine at. It is one of those places that people need to visit at least once to try out the experience. The food quality has improved over the years.
You will stuff yourself silly with lots of decent salad bar options as well as endless stream of meat. The quality of some meats was not high. As far coming back, that is a different story as prices are pretty high and We’ll remember this meat coma for a while. Vegetarians should avoid this place! Save money by coming for lunch.

Also at:
Espetus Churrascaria

1686 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102
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Espetus on Urbanspoon

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Espetus Churrascaria Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
Hours:Mon-Thur 11am-3pm, 5-10pm, Fri 1130am-3pm, 5-11pm, Sat Noon-3pm, 5-11pm, Sun Noon-3pm, 4-9pm
Prices:$24.95 - $49.95

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