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McDonalds Next, Hong Kong

McDonalds Next Hong Kong Exterior decor

McDonalds opened this Next Generation store in Hong Kong in 2016, making it the only one of its kind in the world. Sleek modern black interior, self ordering kiosks, special Create Your Taste customizable burgers, special make to order salads, special items, table service, wireless chargers in the tables and more!  They are open 24 hours. We returned to this location in 2020.

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Foodnut Cancun Restaurant Reviews

Last Update: 2018

Foodnut travels, eats, and tells.  We’re based in San Francisco but have flown all over the place. We love Mexican food and find some of the best in Cancun.

We recently finished up our latest culinary tour of Cancun in 2018. Other reviews farther down are from previous trips. Cancun is a world class destination full of great food. Most of the Mexican food was superior to that in the San Francisco Bay Area. The service is on another level here.

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McDonalds, Barcelona

McDonalds Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain 2017

We like dining at McDonalds at different countries around the world. What interesting items will we find. Our last trip was to Spain. We checked out the local McDonalds in Barcelona and found some interesting items.

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