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246 Saratoga Ave.

Santa Clara, CA 95050


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Hoshi Santa Clara Exterior Decor

Why did we dine here? – Hoshi is a small Japanese restaurant next to Lucky’s supermarket in Santa Clara. We were in the area and decided to eat here or Yuki Sushi. This restaurant is fairly informal and is run by a couple.
They have an extensive menu making it a cross between a general Japanese restaurant (IE Chicken Teriyaki) and a Izakaya restaurant. The kitchen is small, so food takes a while to arrive. The waitress also wants you to order everything at one time to prevent long pauses in your meal.

Hoshi Santa Clara Interior Decor

Insider Tip – Make reservations as this place is tiny.

Cuisine – Japanese
Location – Santa Clara
Opened – 2006

Service – Hoshi had drop and go service. We had to ask them for almost everything. The waitress spoke little English and couldn’t help us with recommendations.
Verdict – Hoshi is a pretty authentic Japanese restaurant for those seeking solid Japanese food in an environment reminiscent of Japan. Kokko in San Mateo is another place further up the Peninsula that reminds us of this restaurant.

Also nearby is Koreatown including Tobang.

Signature Dishes – Skewers, sashimi, sushi.

Hoshi’s Menu has a huge list of items with everything from meat skewers to standard sushi to chicken teriyaki to more exotic Japanese dishes.

Website Hoshi Menu

Atsukan (Hot Sake) ($4.50 sm) was a solid reasonably priced Sake.

Chuhai ($5) Lychee Cocktail was deceptively lite, and slightly fruity. The alcohol hits rapidly though.

Hoshi Santa Clara Curry With Rice

Curry with Rice ($10.50) had some potent curry along with some very nice deep fried pork. Typical side salad.

Hoshi Santa Clara Ramen

Champon Ramen ($10.95) a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Kyushu island in Japan. Thick noodles, pan-fried pork, seafood and vegetables in a soup made with chicken, pork bones and seafood. Huge bowl that could feed 2-3 people. Tons of veggies and other items along with decent noodles.

Hoshi Santa Clara Braised Pork

Braised Pork – Buta kakuni ($7.80) extremely hot out of the kitchen, greasy, fatty, should be eaten with rice.

Hoshi Santa Clara Beef Skewer

Beef Yakatori – salt flavor ($4.25) was very thin and fatty but excellent.

Hoshi Santa Clara Pork Skewer

Pork Yakatori – salt flavor ($3.50) was also very thin but a must get.

Mushrooms with Onions ($3.50) were chopped very fine and made for a nice balanced dish.

Chawanmushi (Steamed Custard w/shrimp) ($6.25) featured tons of intermixed seaweed, making for a decent version of the classic.

Hoshi Santa Clara Sushi Omakase

Omakase Sushi Chef’s Special (8 Pieces of Sushi) ($22.50) came with a deep fried shrimp carcass initially, then 8 pieces of very well done sushi with some fresh fish.

Hoshi Santa Clara Cream Anmitsu

Cream Anmitsu (Red Beans with Agar Gelatin, Fruits and Vanilla Ice Cream) ($6.50) came with some fruit cocktail, and a bit of azuki bean paste making this a fun dessert.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)
Chicken Yakatori – salt flavor ($2.80) lacked any flavor and was perhaps unsalted.

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Hoshi Overall Rating: (Very Good 2.5)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine, Sake

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