Shanghai Winter Garden Restaurant Review, Millbrae


Shanghai Winter Garden

310 Broadway St.

Millbrae, CA 94030


Shanghai Winter Garden recently opened in Millbrae, continuing the trend of new Shanghai restaurant on the Peninsula. This restaurant is located in the spot that once housed the deli, so the interior is pretty nice.

Summary – Shanghai Winter Garden is a pretty mediocre restaurant except for a couple interesting dishes.
Insider Tip – Go for Snacks

Cuisine – Shanghai Chinese
Location – Broadway Street, Millbrae
Opened – 2011

Service – The place was empty, so service was decent.
Verdict – Shanghai Winter Garden had several interesting dishes along with many forgettable ones.
We suggest folks visit nearby Sunny Shanghai, Shanghai Bistro, or Shanghai Dumpling Shop instead.


Shanghai Winter Garden green onion pancake

Green onion pancake ($4.95) was clearly made using hot water, creating a translucent though, making for a decent version of this Mandarin dish.

Shanghai Winter Garden Korean Golden Ball

Korean Golden balls ($6.95 for 6 pieces) is one of their specialty dishes. It is made from egg whites, red bean center, deep-fried, smothered with some pink sugar. This was definitely nicely done.

Shanghai Winter Garden sesame Rice with Rice wine

Sesame rice with Rice wine ($5.50) was also a decent dish, a little bit on the sweet side, but still reasonable. Nubile multicolored rice balls.

OK: (Order if you like this dish)
Pan fried pork Buns

Pans: (We would not reorder these dishes)
Shanghai dumplings

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Shanghai Winter Garden Overall Rating: (Average 1.5)

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Food Rating: (Average)
Service Rating: (Good)
Atmosphere Rating: (Good)
Value Rating: (Good)

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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:closed Tuesday, Mon,Wed-Th,Sun 11 AM-3 PM, 5-9 PM, Friday-Saturday 11 AM-3 PM, 5-9:30 PM
Prices:$1.75 - $18.95

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