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Sichuan Fusion

3288 Pierce St #B109

Richmond, CA 94804


Sichuan Fusion Richmond Exterior Decor

Sichuan Fusion is a new Chinese Restaurant located in way in the back of Richmond’s Pacific East Mall that opened in 2009. We came here because it was new, busy, and had people waiting. The focus here is on SPICY Sichuan Chinese food. Our normal goto place in this mall is Asian Pearl.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Interior Decor

Decor, Vibe – Respectable interior with large food pictures on the wall, nice chairs with covers, fountain in front. You need to use the dirty bathroooms in mall. Mostly Asians but good mix of other races. Friends, families, and other lining up for this place.

Menu (Click to zoom into any picture)

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Menu 4

Menu has a wide variety of Chinese cuisine from Cantonese to Sichuan food, hence the fusion in the name. Lots of dishes from Northern dim sum to clay pots to noodles to sizzling platters. One to Three Chili peppers indicate hot dishes.

Sichuan Fusion Full Menu Set


Sichuan Fusion Richmond Shanghai Steamed Dumplings

Shanghai Soup Dumplings ($5.95) or Siu long bao, had minimal amount of soup but very good flavors. The meat was nice, making this a pretty solid version.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Green Onion Pancake

Green Onion Pancake ($4.95) Thin, hot, decent, with a moderate amount of crispiness.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Szechwan Cumin Lamb

Szechwan Spicy Cumin Lamb ($9.95) is a specialty dish chock full of lamb meat. You can smell the cumin a mile away. One chili on the menu and the Lamb was still really spicy. Less cumin flavor than expected, with some onion, bell peppers.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Szechwan Dry Cooked green Bean

Szechwan Dry Cooked Green Beans ($7.95) Beans were pale green as it was out of season. Still very good quantity, crispy snappiness.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Steam Fish fillet and soft tofu

Steamed Fish Fillet and soft tofu ($12.95) was an awesome dish with a layer of fish fillets on top of soft tender tofu. A big dish with some thin sliced ham, egg whites, and good quality fish. Good amount of oil on the surface.

Sichuan Fusion Richmond Chicken Hand Made Noodle

Chicken hand made noodle ($7.95) had chewy, hand shaved, big noodles. Lots of sliced chicken. Dish was cooked over a high heat making it smoky.

Free rice wine soup dessert with egg, only if you know to ask for it.


Sichuan Fusion Richmond Tea Smoked Duck Half

Tea Smoked Duck ($12.95 for half) had lot meat and big ugly but solid buns. Skin was not crispy, but flavors were fine. It was even better as leftovers.


Sichuan Fusion has the good ol grab your waiter when you want service. The food was solid, so if you are looking for spicy Chinese food, try this place. Albany’s popular China Village is an obvious competitor and superior to Sichuan Fusion. This restaurant does have many more options for those not into spicy food. They also have some frozen items available to go.
House wines and 2 kinds of beer.

Sichuan Fusion on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Map:

Sichuan Fusion Overall Rating: (Good 2)

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Atmosphere Rating: (Good)
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Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Hours:Mon - Thur 11am - 9:30pm, Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm, Su 11am - 9pm
Parking:Free Lot
Prices:$5.95 - $19.95

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