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Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Exterior decor

One of the Best Restaurants around! Why did we dine here? – SingleThread Farm is a 3 Michelin star restaurant, 90 minute North of San Francisco. We were celebrating an anniversary and have always wanted to dine here.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg interior decor

Chefs Kyle Connaughton (Fat Duck, Spago Beverly Hills, The Dining Room at Ritz Carlton, Lucques, Hama Sushi, and A.O.C), along with farmer and wife Katina Connaughton, have opened SingleThread Farm-Restaurant-Inn, a 55-seat fine dining restaurant with five exclusive suites. The farm (7 miles away), located on five acres between the Russian River and the historic San Lorenzo Ranch, supplies vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, and olive oil to their restaurant kitchen.

They have an 11 course tasting menu for both lunch and dinner. ($330) The meals are customized based on any dietary restrictions. You need to prepay a meal by purching a voucher on Tock. Having the luxury of getting paid ahead of time and understanding any dietary needs, they can prepare everything ahead of time.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg roof terrace

Insider Tip – Come early to check out the rooftop culinary gardens. Tour the Kitchen.

Cuisine – Japanese American Fusion
Location – Healdsburg, California
Opened – 2016

Service – SingleThread Farm dining experience is modeled on the Japanese idea of omotenashi, in which hosts anticipate guests’ needs and treat them like friends, not customers. It’s a philosophy the Connaughtons learned during their time in Japan, which included a stint in Hokkaido of over three years.

The service is top notch. Everyone was super knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They accomodated our desire to look at the kitchen. The chef and waiters even helped describe what they were doing in the kitchen.

Verdict – Did SingleThread Farm meet our high expectations? Yes!
Diners have to prepay and declare any dietary restrictions ahead of time. This frees up the restaurant to have everything prepared and ready to go.

How does it compare to nearby French Laundry? Totally different cuisine and presentation. If you like Asian – Japanese, definitely visit Single Thread.

Is this restaurant worth a 5 minute drive? Yes. 30 minute? Yes. 1 Hour? Yes.

SingleThread Farm’s Menu changes daily and is customized for the guests. They can probably work around any limitations you present, from allergies to gluten free to vegan..

The corkage fee is $100 per bottle for the first two bottles, and it is $150 per bottle for additional bottles.

Website SingleThread Farm Restaurant

SingleThread Farm Food:
Our party had a traditional meal as well as a Vegan meal. A menu will be presented to you upon departure.

Traditional Meal

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg First Course Late Spring in Sonoma

Late Spring in Sonoma – Ridiculously beautiful assortment already on the table when you arrive. You know the journey will be interesting! Delectible items include Kushi Oyster from BC with pickled wasabi, pomeberry clam from Japan with radish, lamb from Breston farms, foe de bread, humble milk panna cotta.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg North Coast Tide Pool

NORTH COAST TIDE POOL – Grilled Scallop, Wild Seaweed, and Oyster Emulsion. Egg less Tempura squash blossom was fantastic.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Spot Prawn


SPOT PRAWN – English Pea, Daikon Radish and Pea Tendril Dashi – Beautiful spot on prawn from Santa Barbara, lightly charred. Included a separate raw prawn on a cracker with roe.

HOUSEMADE TOFU – Belgian White and Green Asparagus, Udo, Sansho and Pine Nut – Soft, delicate, panna cotta texture. Served tableside. Warm asparagus in a matcha sauce.

GLOBE ARTICHOKE – Hearts and dry artichoke leaves. Artichoke soy Sabayon, Endive, Porchini Mushrooms, and Shiso

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Smoked Duclair Duck

SMOKED DUCLAIR DUCK (Wild and domestic) – Ginger, Myoga, Radish salad and Scallion – We saw this special breed of duck hanging near the grill.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Miyazaki wagyu beef

MIYAZAKI WAGYU – Grilled over the hearth, Wild Fern, Spring Onion puree, Morel, wagyu tartare and Salted Plum – OMG A5 Wagyu beef was super tender, fatty, just perfect. Not huge, but just enough.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Sonoma Grains

SONOMA GRAINS – Nettle puree, Roasted Bone Marrow, and Beef Consomme – A bit of an odd last savory dish. Hidden beef flavors.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Granita

RHUBARB AND LEMON BALM GRANITA – Ginger, Vanilla, and Coconut – A fantastically balanced dessert.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Carmelized Hojicha Sorbet

CARMELIZED HOJICHA SORBET – Kinako Cake and Madeira – A bit odd with the carmelized hojicha

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Wagashi Petit Fours

WAGASHI – Cocao with Salted Plum, Date and Miso rolled in puff rice, Dark Chocolate with Coconut Carmel – Petit fours reimagined.

Vegan Meal

Late Spring in Sonoma – Ridiculously beautiful assortment already on the table when you arrive. You know the journey will be interesting! Includes braised lotus root, cabbage with mustard seeds, first strawberries of the season with shiso gelee, easter egg radishes.

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg takenoko

TAKENOKO – Bamboo shoots, Goma Dofu, Daikon, and Kinome

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Spring Pea

SPRING PEA – Yuba, Daikon Radish, and Grilled Tendrils

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg House Made Tofu

HOUSEMADE TOFU – White and Green Asparagus, Udo, Sansho and Pine Nut

GLOBE ARTICHOKE – Artichoke Sabayon, Porchini Mushrooms, and Shiso

ROASTED YELLOW BEETS – Miso, Daikon, Yuba, Leek, and Yuzu Kosho

Singlethread Farms Healdsburg Roasted Salsify

ROASTED SALSIFY – Wild Fern, Spring Onion, Morel, and Salted Plum

KOSHIHIKIARI RICE – Braised burdock root, grilled neddles, rice crisp, and roasted vegetable jus

RHUBARB AND LEMON BALM GRANITA – Ginger, Vanilla, and Coconut – A fantastically balanced dessert.

CARMELIZED HOJICHA SORBET – Kinako Cake and Madeira – A bit odd with the carmelized hojicha

WAGASHI – Cocao with Salted Plum, Date and Miso, Coconut Carmel – Petit fours reimagined.

Vegan meal was filled with variety. Hard to believe there were NO carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes!

Do you agree with our review? Have you found other similar restaurants that are better?

Restaurant Map:

SingleThread Farm Overall Rating: (Super 3.5)

Come Back?

Food Rating: (Super)
Service Rating: (Super)
Atmosphere Rating: (Excellent)
Value Rating: (Good)

Guide: 0 = poor, 1 = Below/Average, 2 = Good, 2.5 = Very Good, 3 = Excellent , 4 = Extraordinary

Alcohol:Beer, Wine
Parking:Free Lot

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