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Twist by Pierre Gagnaire - Mandarin Oriental Hotel

3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 590-8888

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Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Can you believe that Las Vegas has better fine dining than San Francisco?  Add another place to the list… Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, located on the Las Vegas Strip at the 23rd floor of the new City Center, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, is the only restaurant in the US where you can experience the extraordinary cuisine of three-star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire. He is one of the pioneers of the molecular gastronomy movement, matching flavors and textures in the most unexpected ways. He has in restaurants in many locations including Paris, London, Tokyo, Dubai, and Hong Kong and tries to tailor food to each locale.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Interior Decor 9

Decor, Vibe – Small 65 seat restaurant with Beautiful view of Las Vegas Skyline. 300 floating illuminated globes, high ceilings, modern elegant design, lots of tiered platforms, strong air conditioning, and dramatic glass staircase to wine wall. Lots of well dressed foodies and food conscious, noisy convention goers. No kids under 12 allowed here.

Menu (Click to zoom into any picture)

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Menu 6

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Menu has a six course tasting menu as well as a la carte appetizers and entrees. Four meat dishes for hearty eaters but no vegeterian items.

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Twist Full Picture Set


Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Lemongrass Mojito

Lemongrass Mojito ($19) had lots of ice and a swig of lemongrass. It was refreshing and had more of a liquor flavor than lemongrass.

The three kinds of bread were top notch as was the seaweed butter and unsalted butter, both from Normandy. French butter is top notch.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Canapes

Complimentary Canapes consisted of Nine items that filled the table. Fresh baby carrots, mellow tasting Tuna Foam, Mini Pecorino Cheese Souffles, Jack Daniels and Guiness Jello shots, cuttlefish vegetable salad, sardines on a Yukon potato chip, garlic flax seed bread sticks, shortbread like lemongrass Toasted Almond Sable crackers, and tomato foam were all wonderful little starters. Each had a nice distinctive flavor and petit elegance.

See each item closeup in our Twist Full Picture Set

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Langoustine Five Ways

Langoustine Five Ways ($20) is a signature dish from Paris, resides on the Tasting Menu but is also available ala carte. Five totally divergent ways to serve Langoustine.
Mousseline Perfumed with Sherry Manzanilla – Heavy Cream with strong raisin and broccoli flavor
Grilled with TTB Sauce, Avocado – Simple preparation that shows off freshness. Avocado was a fresh creamy accent.
Tartar, Campari Turnip, Baby Greens – Chewy tartar and bitter greens
Seared, Iberico Ham, Bell Pepper – Eggplant sauce was very strong and overwhelming. Ham was salty of course.
Gelée with Kombu Seaweed Seasoned with Lobster Coral – Nice boullion like, strong flavors like a lobster bisque.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Foie Gras Degustation

SONOMA VALLEY FOIE GRAS DÉGUSTATION ($39) was a massive selection of artery clogging goodness. We had to doggie bag some of the terrine as this dish was so generous in size. Be sure you are ready with lots of bread.
Terrine, Dried Figs, Toasted Ginger Bread – Huge portion with lots of sweet fig marmalade flavor.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Foie Gras Degustation 1

Seared, Sweet and Sour Duck Glaze, Fruit Marmalade – Two nice sized pieces cooked classically. Perfect fruit accent with the Iberico ham adding a touch of saltiness.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Foie Gras Degustation 2

Croquette, Trevicchio Coulis, Red Onions – Onions overpowered the delicate deeo fried croquette.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Turbot

TURBOT ($48) – A classic fish of high quality flown in from France. We ate Turbot in many places on our last trip to France.
Grilled, Lemongrass Butter, Seaweed-Mashed Potato – Cooked perfectly making it tender, juicy, and flaky. Mashed potatoes were super silky and buttery.
Shitao Turnip was poached and very red.
Hibiscus Gelée, Thai Grapefruit Jelly – Sour, bitter flavor to contrast the fish.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Lobster

LOBSTER ($56) – Spiny Lobster from Santa Barbara cooked several ways.
Poached in Sauternes Infusion Glazed with – Very tender and full of a buttery flavor.
“Beurre Noisette”, Ginger, Cous-Cous, Nashi, Squash Blossom – Some bland starch to balance out the lobster.
Raviolo, Coriander – A tender delicate egg less ‘ravioli’ filled with chopped up lobster.
Sauternes Perfumed Lobster Bisque – A dark and super strong bouillon like soup.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Veal

“NEVER NEVER” VEAL ($52) – Was another recommended dish. Veal was from Kansas.
Roasted, Dry Orange Rub, Morel-Licorice Coulis – Slightly overcooked Medium rare, but still juicy and tender. You could taste the orange zest as you sank your teeth into the big chunk. Morel and gravy provided a strong flavor.
Gorgonzola Cake Polenta à la Plancha – was thick, rich, cheesy, but dry. Popcorn was a weird touch.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Pierres Salad 1.JPG

Pierre’s Salad, Sauce Aoyama, Baby Corn Soup, Avocado ($12) had a big bundle of romaine along with large cheese slices. Dipping the greens in the corn sauce was fun and tasty. Fun popcorn to top it off.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Fruits Ice Cream Sorbet Dessert

FRUITS, ICE CREAMS & SORBETS A LA MAISON ($16) was a refreshing dessert after such a big meal.
Fresh, Poached and Preserved Fruits, Lassi Yoghurt
Ice Cream & Sorbet Tasting, Caramelized Almond Pear Tuile – Strong Raspberry and Tender Bubblegum sorbet were fun. All the little toppings added to the whimsical nature of this dessert.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Petit Fours

Petit Fours – Compliments of pastry chef.. Mini pina colada sorbet. Cookies, and green tea fig puree roasted pinenut candies with crunchy bars.


Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Scallop and Melano Sporum Truffle

SCALLOP AND MELANO SPORUM TRUFFLE ($23) – Another interesting combination of small dishes.
Carpaccio, Chestnut and Artichoke, Truffled Vinaigrette – A challenging dish with jello-like scallops and a vinaigrette laced artichoke.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Scallop and Melano Sporum Truffle 1

Pascaline, Green Asparagus, Parmesan Mousse, Truffle sauce – Nice small scallops with a salty sauce. Super fresh asparagus with pure flavor.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas Scallop and Melano Sporum Truffle 3

Roasted Scallop on top of Truffled Biscotte – Huge scallop cooked well but too thick, making it lose its character. Meaty base layer with Parmesan croquette.


Twist by Pierre Gagnaire had excellent service with our very knowledgeable and friendly French waiter. The food was fantastic and the service excellent. Las Vegas has become a culinary mecca, as we lack this caliber of food in San Francisco. Prices were inline with the top end places with the tasting menu cheaper than nearby Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy. Portion sizes were healthy, unlike serveral other high end places we visited on this trip. All the multi plate dishes left us with no space for the Souffle. We wonder if we’d get all the freebies if we just ordered an entree!
Twist is brand new and heartily recommended. This fine dining estabilshment is accessible by a wide audience unlike many of the haute cuisine temples.

Extensive 42 page wine list with bottles from $45, glasses from $16, and prices as high as $13,500 for a 2001 DRC.

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Twist by Pierre Gagnaire - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Overall Rating: (Super 3.5)

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Alcohol:Full Bar
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Prices:Formal, Jacket Required

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  • The Michelin Project
    February 4, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Indeed! I liken the quanties here to be on par with a vegas buffet. I had a similar experience with the Fois Gras Terrine. Glad to see you enjoyed!

  • S Lloyd
    July 5, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Loved the food of Pierre Gagnaire: superbly inventive.An experience I can’t repeat at will, being limited by money, but that I insist on experiencing once in a while whenever I can afford it.

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